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(erosman) #145

No Geolocation, FoxyTab gets the IP from Firefox

No contact with any server

FoxyTab has its own DB included in the addon

There is no data sent anywhere to require a Privacy Policy. FoxyTab is completely self-contained.


Thank you for your answer.
A privacy policy may be very useful even if it’s only to say that no data is sent anywhere, so that users do not need to ask the question or search the help to know (in that case I could not find it written anywhere so I had to ask here). As I said it’s not uncommon for flag displaying addons to send browsing data to external services so privacy conscious users would feel safer if you explicitly state you don’t do that sort of thing.
Look at this part of the flagfox privacy policy for instance, which is very explicit :
“During normal browsing with this extension installed, no data is sent anywhere. Location lookups are done via an internal IP address location database (IPDB) kept accurate by routine extension updates. Lookups for each page location are done via a single hit to the DNS cache and the Flagfox internal database. If you are behind a proxy without local DNS access and you have your application properly set to not allow local DNS requests, Flagfox will alert you and disable its features that rely on it.”

(erosman) #147

I had made on note in add-on’s description saying that:

Note: None of my extensions contain any tracking, advertising or privacy infringement.


Yes that’s true, what you wrote might well be enough actually.
It’s just that sometimes, the existence of tracking or privacy infringement may be subject to interpretation of technical details while saying that no data is sent anywhere is not. For example some people might consider that firefox website safebrowsing does not imply tracking or privacy infringement while other would say it does. Another example is the “privacy-preserving” RAPPOR tool. Also some might say, I send data out but the service has a strong privacy policy so it’s not tracking…
Anyway thank you for having taken time to reply and thank you for your work on this addon (and for doing it in a way that respects users !).


Hey there,
This is probably an impossible thing to do with the current state of WebExt, but would it be possible to include an option to lock a tab (pinned or not) so as to prevent its url from changing as well as another to prevent accidentally closing said tab with a middle mouse click?
Thanks for your work on this extension btw, and for porting it to WebExt :v

EDIT : Concerning this :

First time the subject of “bookmark” has come up. :slight_smile:
It should be fairly easy to add it but is there a popular demand for it?
How often people bookmark a whole lot of tabs together? :thinking:

I often end up bookmarking a group of tabs when doing a search on the net, so I don’t lose the results, but I have to close all the other tabs or move them to another window before I can hit bookmark all open tabs. TBH that option would come in handy for me too.

(erosman) #150

OK… I will add it in future updates. :slight_smile:

There isn’t a direct way of doing it. It might be possible to achieve it by indirect ways (reopening a tab, if it was closed that way etc) and adding listeners to tab URL changes but that creates a LOT extra process (more process = more CPU/Memory usage) for a limited gain.

(Debbie) #151

When I close a tab, the tab opens to the right. Would you add an option for the tab to open on the left? Thank you.

(erosman) #152

Can you explain a bit more?
Closing a tab and opening new tab is part of Firefox. WebExtensions can not change the behaviour of Firefox.

(Debbie) #153

In a previous version of Firefox there was an Extension Tab Mix Plus. It had the option to focus on the tab to the left instead of the right when closing the current tab. Tab Mix Plus does not work with the current version of Firefox. Can you add an option like this to FoxyTab? Thanks for replying.

(erosman) #154

I have to see if that is possible to do.

(Axel Marley) #155

Could you please add the possibility for Tab Counter to display 100+ tabs when DPI scaling in Windows 10 is set to 125%?
I have a lot of open tabs and currently only the first two numbers are displayed (the third one is truncated).

Please see: 2017-11-29_23-02-07

(erosman) #156

The badge can have up to 4 characters. There is no control over it AFAIK, especially when display is scaled.

(Rrockwell) #157

New to the FoxyTab Add-on, so far looks very useful. Can a “Create shortcut” feature be added. I found FoxyTab in my search for a replacement for the legacy Add-on Deskcut. It has long ago been unsupported, but very useful.

Seems FoxyTab is very close to being able to add this feature.

(erosman) #158

That is possible… I will look into it for future updates

(Rrockwell) #159

Thank You. There are some very useful features in FoxyTab. Nice job.

(Cip) #160

Any chance we’d get a “Double click on tab copies the tab’s URL to clipboard”? Ultimately that’s the most important feature I’m missing from TabmixPlus.

Some really good to have would be a “Change tab opening order” and by that that I mean [1] [2] [3] to [3] [2] [1]. In other words, each time I wheel-click on on a link it should open immediately on the right instead of opening it at the end of the 57 tabs list… :unamused:

(erosman) #161

WebExtension has a limited option for commands from keyboards which must include a modifier and no mouse clicks at the moment.

Not easily possible … WebExtensions don’t have access to Firefox preference to change them.

(Cip) #162

WebExtension has a limited option for commands from keyboards which must include a modifier and no mouse clicks at the moment.

You mean you can not intercept mouse events happening to tabs? :disappointed_relieved:

OK, how about then a double click somewhere on the page to copy the URL to clipboard?

(erosman) #163

Same situation… there is a possibility of injecting scripts into every page and listen to every mouse click and then check them and do something but that is a lot of processing just for that and it is at best a hack and can create conflict with page scripts.Finally, FoxyTab doesn’t deal with page scripts.


One feedback: “Close Tabs to the Left” closes App Tabs, which is different from standard Firefox “Close Tabs to the Right” and “Close other tabs”. Could it be updated to ignore app tabs?