[Support] FoxyTab

(erosman) #165

What do you mean by App Tabs?

(Wagner) #166

Hi and thank you for FoxyTab. I love all the features, but the two I came for were tab count badge and copy Title & URL.

I’m using Tree Style Tab and find I cannot access the FoxyTab right-click on tabs in the TST view, nor within a site page itself. I need to find the tab in the normal across-the-top, FF representation of my tabs and right click there to get to FoxyTab.

I’d prefer not to have that duplicate tabs bar across the top at all (opting only for the TST horizontal tab list along the left of my screen). When/if FF 57+ allows that built-in tab bar to be hidden and if I chose to hide it, I wouldn’t be able to acess FoxyTab at all.

Would it be possible to add a right-click menu to the page itself, so when I click on the page background the FoxyTab menu pops up? Other extentions like TST show in this context.

Thanks for the great extention!

(erosman) #167

Tree Style Tab actually doesn’t have tabs. What you see is a copy of tab data listed in a list in sidebar (FF57+). They are not Tabs at all.
In fact in FF57+ you can not hide the top Tabs with an extension (at the moment). You can only manually edit the CSS which is a personal thing.

Clicking on page is not an option since a page contenxtMenu item doest get the data needed for FoxyTab to function. Those data are only available in Tab contextMenu.

If may be possible to hack a way to get the data from page contextMenu but that would mean adding a LOT of processing to every page which means increased CPU and memory usage and thus slower Firefox.

If an option becomes available in future APIs, then I can see if something can be done.

(Wagner) #168

Thanks for the response and info. I appreciate the consideration.

(mute bird) #169

Discovered FoxyTab after my previous FF setup collapsed (thanks FF57!). I wanted to use it for copying URLs of all my open tabs, however half the time, this doesn’t work, and I get a popup error that “FF restricts actions on some URLs” with nothing being copied to the clipboard.

In addition to that, I also can use an option where all URLs are copied to clipboard with the titles. This comes in handy when you have 100s of tabs open and you just want to quickly take a snapshot of your session and save it in a text file (or email it to yourself).

(erosman) #170

Firefox blocks some actions on some pages like addons.mozilla.org, or about:**
If you are copying all URLs, just do it from another Tab.
If I find a way to overcome this Firefox restriction I will add it.

This has been asked before and will be added in future updates if there is enough demand for it.

(wlc) #171

Greetings. Is there a way I can add more options under reload? I have pages that I typically reload every 10 to 30 minutes.

(erosman) #172

Possible… If there are more demands for it, I can add a custom setting.

(Grehwald) #173

Foxytab seems to conflict with the zotero add-on. In the right-click tab context menu is the zotero link, but no foxytab icon. I deinstalled foxytab, and the zotero icon was no longer in the tab context menu. I reinstalled foxytab, and the zotero icon reappeared, but still no foxy in the context menu.

(erosman) #174

What is the URL for that?
In WebExtension they shouldn’t conflict. Is that a legacy addon?

(Grehwald) #175

Sorry for the inconvenience. Problem is solved. Zotero showed up where I expected the foxy-icon, but I placed the mouse pointer incorrect. I adjusted the pointer (and my glasses) - everything works fine. Thanks for your work !

(John Smith) #176

Hi. Spanish translation is wrong, and it’s very annoying. Also there’s no option to change the language.

In the Refresh tabs options, more precisely “Refresh to the right” and “Refresh to the left” the translation is interchanged.

The arrow pointing left “<-” should read “Las de la izquierda” and the one pointing right “->” should be “Las de la derecha”.

Please fix this, and thank you very much for your work!!!

(erosman) #177

Thank you. I did not do the translation :wink:
There is no option in WebExtension to change the language at the moment.

You can add fixes to the language file for the next upgrade.

(erosman) #178

I am going to start working on the next update of FoxyTab. I am going to work on the following features that has been requested:

  • Bookmark Tabs, Left, Right (done ✓) (Firefox already has a Bookmark All Tabs)
  • Create Desktop Shortcut for the Tab (done ✓) (tested on Win, not tested on Mac & Linux)
  • Copy URLs with Titles, All, Left, Right (done ✓)
  • Option regarding Pinned tabs (done ✓) (FoxyTab will not remove Pinned tabs in ‘Close Tabs to the Left’ any more, unless ‘Ctrl’ is pressed)
  • Custom Reload Interval (done ✓)

Also some new features:

  • Implement a method to overcome limitation on Mozilla pages (done ✓)
  • Faster IP to country process (done ✓)
  • New Options page in new Tab (done ✓)
  • Add multiple Date displays in preferred languages in the Toolbar popup (done ✓)
  • Add multiple Clock displays in preferred languages and Time-zones in the Toolbar popup (done ✓)

Since the toolbar button has a very limited use at the moment I am planning to add a Tab-Unrelated feature which would bring the function of 2 (or more) other types of add-on into FoxyTab. Frankly, I have been missing this and have been planning it for a while.
I am planning to add a Time & Date display to the toolbar button and make it so that it can display multiple time zones if needed (i.e. like multiple clocks add-ons) and date in different formats. (done ✓)

If there are other requests, let me know and I will see about them.

Simple add-ons I want back
(erosman) #179

I am preparing the release of the next version. I have changed a few left/right errors in the Spanish translation. I am waiting for an update for v2.11

(Ariel Rosenfeld) #180

Please add the tab mover addon features of moving the tabs to a window based on the window title

also if you could extend merge windows to merge only specific windows or use the move tab feature to move all window tabs to a specific windows it would be great

(erosman) #181

There is a limitation with WebExtension context-menu API and that it can not be updated before its is shown to show/know which window to move to.

That one added a lot off listeners to keep track of new windows and their content just for that reason. Those add a fair amount of processing.

The same issue as above.

However … the API has been created and will be available in Firefox 60, so then I can add it.
I will also see if there are any other ways of doing it.


(YFdyh000) #182
  • reloadStop does not seem to work after customReload clicked.

  • The options panel transitions animation are too long, it appear procrastinating.

  • Could you transfer “bookmarks” as an optional permission?

  • The clocks and settings are excess from my point of view, and I don’t want to see this add-ons bloated. You also can split it into a separate options panel, as well as consider disable it by default.

(erosman) #183

Thank you. I will test it.

It was 0.7 seconds, increased to 1 second for smooth animation (avoid jerky action). Is that a lot?

I can add optional permissions once all users are FF55+… but that adds a lot of complexity, to add all permission requests, and then remove each associated items (listeners, contetxt-menu, UI) if permissions are not granted.

There are a few permissions that would fall into that category.

I have explained it in my previous posts. This would bring the function of 2 other types of the addons (Date & multiple Clocks) into FoxyTab.

Without FoxyTab, you would need 7+ add-ons to have some (not all) of the functions of FoxyTab.

It can be easily disabled and removed by removing the Dates & Clocks options. personally, I use it all the time and have more than one Date & Clock.

I set a sample Date & Time since it is a new function/feature. I will disable it by default in future upgrades.

I tested separate panels, but didnt look good on a large monitor to have small pref setting on top and a massive empty space.

Have you seent the volume of the code?

Where I have written 600 lines of code for all of the functions of FoxyTab, others have written addons with 100,000+ lines of code doing just ONE of its functions, and using massive bloatware libraries that impact performance, security and privacy of the addon and users. :wink:

While it has more functions that users may need, most of them can be disabled to suit each user.

(YFdyh000) #184

I guess I don’t like this animation more than 0.3s, I hope it appears immediately to allows read and operates.


It is likely that because of the animations and promiscuous options interface, it looks bloated rather than modular. I also hope the “Tab IP” (site flag) has a separate option.

Another issue, there is no “seconds” on customReloadDescription.