[Support] [Help] "The request was blocked for security reasons", Cannot Sync with my old account. Cannot login into my old account. Cannot create a new account

I just upgraded my PC. After the Fresh windows install, I decided to install Mozilla Firefox and Sync my bookmarks & settings etc. Mozilla asks me to enter my E-mail, I do and I get the message “The request was blocked for security reasons” I thought maybe I had typed the wrong E-mail or something, but its the correct E-mail.

After so much trying to log into my old account I decided what the heck I’ll create a new account. Entered a different / New E-mail and again I get the message “The request was blocked for security reasons”. WTF Mozilla!!!???

Both my E-mails are legit. I can easily log into both of the E-mails which are either used as Mozilla account or tried to create a new account with.

Also I have not gotten any E-mail on behalf of Mozilla to verify my login activity or Authorization code etc. Its not in Spam or Junk either.

Here are the screenshots.

Did you get any fix up for this ? I am having same problem and not getting email too.

Hi Pankajthekush,
Yeah, I logged a ticket with Mozilla and it got resolved.

Basically I had to connect with a different Internet connection. I used my cellular data connection and was able to successfully log into my account.

Here is the link to the resolved ticket: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1604065

You will be able to find more information from there.

I am facing the similar issue whenever I try to login my mozilla account I receive message “The request is block for security reasons”
Neither I log in to my account nor I am able to change my email . Plz help me