[Support] Iceweasel Branding

Support thread for Iceweasel Branding add-on.


Why Iceweasel Branding add-on was created

  • Debian, one of the most popular GNU operating system distributions (Linux, kFreeBSD, Hurd kernels) has distributed Iceweasel, a rebranded version of Firefox, since 2006. This was required for legal reasons.
  • In 2016, Debian and Mozilla developers agreed that Debian can distribute their own builds of Firefox legally without breaking DFSG. Cheers!
  • As a result, Iceweasel is gone!
  • But some people want to retain Iceweasel. Iceweasel does have a historical value too. So it is worth preservation.


  • The add-on also preserves the famous about:iceweasel page, mentioned in English Wikipedia, for the future.

We are packaging this for Debian now (help appreciated). Thank you all Mozilla and Debian people.

Post any questions or ideas about it here.

NEWS: This will be uploaded to the official Debian archive.

Note: This add-on can be installed on non-Debian systems perfectly fine. You can enjoy Iceweasel anywhere.