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Hello: Sorry if I am not putting my question in the correct spot. I am new to this Discourse site and find it very difficult to understand.

I have upgraded to Firefox 55.0.3 and uBlock Origin add-on is preventing my ability to download .acsm files from ebscohost (this is a site where you borrow ebooks from).

Troubleshooting so far:

  1. disabled uBlock Origin – can download .acsm file
  2. enabled uBlock Origin and reset to factory settings – canNOT download .acsm file
  3. enabled uBlock Origin and unclicked ALL filters and ALL settings – canNOT download .acsm file

I have the uBlocker log page open but it is not telling me anything that is helping me.

What would be the next troubleshooting step?


Read the release notes, the steps of what you need to do are described there.

Thankyou for the link to release notes. Unfortunately the release notes/the reply does address my question. “What are the next troubleshoot steps”?

I had already disabled the legacy addons and found uBlockOrigin is the cause.

The release notes communicate
1 it is a known issue that you will have “some sorta” issue. That is very widespread.
2 it appears no known solution

I had hoped for an actionable step rather than there is no solution (otherwise downgrade to earlier version of the addon or disable the addon)


I had hoped for an actionable step rather than there is no solution (otherwise downgrade to earlier version of the addon or disable the addon)

Unfortunately I believe you may be suffering this issue (as mentioned in the release notes): https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1396226.

You need to report your own issue to this bugzilla issue, so that the Firefox devs are made aware of how common it is.

Using uBlock Origin on Publishers Clearinghouse (stupid, I know).
Need a way to refresh WITHOUT changing settings.
Currently, will click on a green block, refresh, hit eraser, and continue on.
Have yet to find out what, exactly, is blocked in the adds that stops the page.

If a reply is any easier (or needed), it’s
Tod dot White (AT) Gmail dot com

I’ve only set up an account to give you this request…not
likely I’ll be logging in again. (I REALLY hate crap like this… being FORCED to set up accounts simply to get anything done)

I don’t see how this can be related to uBO. If your Firefox crashes, you should submit the crashes to Mozilla, that is definitely not normal.

Well, since this only occurs when uBO is active (and no other add-on) I thought that this would be related to uBO. I have sent all the crash reports to Mozilla anyway , via the automated crash report window that appears after a crash. Maybe there is a better place to report this issue to Mozilla?


thankyou. That bug descripton is way too technical for me. I have no idea what it is saying, so I do not feel capable of logging a technical bug. I only know what I observe and that is when I disabled uBlock Origin problem went away. The release notes are not definitive e.g. xx issue is caused by this bug. Perhaps because it is unknown at this time.

The good news, as you stated, downgrading to 1.13.8 uBlock Origin + turning OFF auto-update fixed the issue.

Also by downgrading to 1.13.8 uBlock Origin, it fixed another issue with my upgrade that I did not realise uBlock Origin addon was causing.

On 1 website, I could not CMD + click the link to open in a new tab. It would bounce back e.g. close the tab and bring focus to where I was.

Since downgrading to 1.13.8 uBlock Origin all is good.
How will users be notified, the can upgrade to latest uBlock Origin?

the ublock will not update the plug in uninstalled it and reinstalled on firefox still will not update ever time i close firefox keep asking to update hope fixed soon thanks ray

Not really sure where to ask this, but

with 1.14.0 and up privacy settings is ghosted below 55.xx of firefox does that mean even if they was set before the update and settings didnt change in the update those setting longer work or they just cant be set in the ublock setting anymore but can be setting threw about:config will work?

uBlock Origin webext does not work for privacy conscious people who block
cookies by default or who disable indexedDB. Because the uBO indexedDB
storage can’t be created. Worse, these people might think uBO works
because the default blocking lists are active, but not the added filters
beyond the default ones, and they might not realize that.

Please do not use indexedDB storage for uBO, rather use webext storage.
Otherwise this forces us to accept by default persistent tracking cookies,
html5 local storage cookies, and indexedDB evercookies. Those last ones
are especially nasty and stay forever even if firefox is set to clear
history on exit (another betrayal from Mozilla). Try it on jamendo.com for

If I understood well, Mozilla made the anti-user and privacy hostile choice that tracking
cookies will be treated exactly like some forms of webextensions storage
(local storage and indexedDB storage), so that tracking cookies can’t be
blocked or cleared easily if webextensions choose to use these storages too. Please do not fall in their trap until they fix this (if they ever do).

HTTPS-everywhere fell in their trap, they now use local storage to store exceptions, and only just realized that it could be a problem for those irritating privacy conscious people who sometimes clear their html5 tracking cookies.

I couldn’t file a uBO bug on this problem because you disabled bug reporting for new github users.

Sadly, is not so simple :frowning: Search here for indexedDB https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/releases

Yes gwarser, I was aware of this problem with webext storage. I wanted to add weight that this is about balancing privacy vs efficiency and that the current solution of choosing indexedDB is not obviously the best one. Also, that people should pressure Mozilla to fix the webextension storage privacy problem they created themselves.

There will be nothing to balance when issue 1313401 is fixed.

I was a little worried reading things there like “I’m not sure where this bug stands and what, if anything needs to be done about it”. Well let’s hope they do something about it this time, and that it will not only make webextension storage immune to history clearing but also work when indexedDB is disabled for websites and cookies blocked by default. That did not seem obvious to me when reading the bug but maybe this intent is somewhere there, hidden in the technicalities.

see I pretty much use ccleaner to clear out all cookies from FF inculding the zombie cookies and everything else FF dont clear on exit as i dont have clear cookies on exit set for FF . and only cookies i keep are the ones i have white listed to always remain, which less the dozen. which are also white listed on in ccleaner i made manual scheduled task to run daily on computer, just to cleans of all the stuff it cleans along with clearing out cookies from FF, i more curious if

Disable pre-fetching (to prevent any connection for blocked network requests)
Disable hyperlink auditing
Prevent WebRTC from leaking local IP addresses

which where all set prior and have settings in about:config too ? and have checks in them still do there function even it ghosted and just setting page that dont work or or all of it, i dont want FF prefecting a new site or page that may or may not have something nasty imbeded into.

I don’t see how this can be related to uBO. If your Firefox crashes, you should submit the crashes to Mozilla, that is definitely not normal.

So, I have done some more test because this is a persistent problem. This IS related to uBO but it is not the only problem.
What I have found is that Firefox crashes upon these specific login windows (I think it’s called “basic authentication”) when uBO is running in combination to KeePass 2.36 with plug-in “KeePassHttp” and FireFox plug-in “PassIFox” 1.2.2.

I have tried this on a clean install of Firefox with only these plug-ins installed and the default settings on uBO.


What I have found is that Firefox crashes upon these specific login windows (I think it’s called “basic authentication”)

Here is a demo where you can test this.

When you click on the link “Basic Authentication test” FireFox will crash with the plug-ins mentioned above.

PassIFox 1.2.2 is not compatible with Firefox 55.

Dear gorhill, congratulation! I’d like to inform you that uBlock Origin got best marks from the very popular German print magazine “Stiftung Warentest” [1]. In the magazine they say:

Usability for standard users: very good
Usability for advanced users: very good

Very flexible. An allround protection against tracking, viruses and advertising. The free application reduces severely the number of trackers and at the same time does hardly reduce the usability of websites. The user can click on elements with the mouse to remove them. There are many configuration options for advanced users; however even for standard users it is very easy to use. Terms of use and terms of privacy protection are not available in German. The application is available for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari.

[1] https://www.test.de/Tracking-Wie-unser-Surfverhalten-ueberwacht-wird-und-was-dagegen-hilft-5221609-0/

Aha, totally missed that. Good catch and thanks for the quick response!