Survey about Common Voice Community motivations


This survey is an independently run, ongoing study about the Common Voice project of Mozilla, supported by Mozilla Common Voice team. The goal of the research is to understand the effect of the project on the ecology of languages. The study is conducted by Alexandre Lissy, Mozilla engineer, and Gregoire Andreo, PhD student in Sciences of language in Dipralang research team. This survey respects Mozilla Privacy policy


The results of this study will be presented at a linguistic conference organised at Paul Valery Montpellier 3 University in November 2020 - and publish in scientific literature.

If you are available to conduct a short interview in order to help us in our study, please contact us on Discourse.

Here is the link to the survey:

For any question regarding this survey, you are free to contact us:égoire-andreo-0

      Thank you for your help

      Grégoire Andreo and Alexandre Lissy

Can you possibly provide email addresses for contacting you?

Please use direct messages.

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