Syntax 0.8 RFC1 until September 17

(Staś Małolepszy) #1

It’s time to kick off the first round of feedback about Syntax 0.8! Please consult the project board and comment on the issues proposed for this milestone.

There are a number of features proposed for Syntax 0.8 which I’d like to highlight:

  • Preserve content indent in multiline patterns (#162). Originally scheduled for 0.7, this issue has been postponed so that we have another chance to discuss it. @Pike has suggested a WIP implementation for the parser which removes the largest common indent of all lines of a pattern.

  • Semantic Comments! #139 and #140 are our two first issues about a new module of Fluent: semantic comments. @zbraniecki is leading the effort to create the spec for using them to describe variables passed into the translation by developers and other meta-information about messages and terms.

  • Allow more Unicode characters in TextElements (#174). Right now the spec only allows the characters from the Basic Multilingual Plane. I’d like to have a discussion before 1.0 about supporting other planes (and whether it’s possible to do given the reference parser is written in JS).

  • Two changes to using escape sequences: Remove backslash escapes from TextElement (#123) and Introduce a new Unicode literal (#115). Both intend to make escape sequences more visible inside of translations.

  • And a couple of other changes to the grammar and the AST: #142 is about storing identifiers with or without sigils in the AST, and #107 is about refactoring the grammar of the text_char production.

Please give your feedback on these issues by Monday, September 17. When this RFC period ends, we’ll conduct a triage session and decide which issues may need more time given the feedback received.