Tabs are hard to see!

Please, please, please, give us a theme where you can actually see differentiation between the tabs. This is awful. Pretty, but NOT READABLE.


Same as what I have asked for in: Changes to themeable areas of Firefox in version 89

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I agree with Droyston. I like my tabs in default view before Firefox 89.0


Hey folks! Sorry to hear you’re having a hard time with the new tabs look. What themes are you currently using? (You can check by going to Tools --> Add-ons and Themes, and then selecting the Themes panel.)

I had a better experience with tab differentiation when I switched to the built-in Firefox Aplenglow theme. You might want to try it out, or see if one of the themes available on is a better fit.

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I tried a number of different ones. There really isn’t any difference because in all the styles the tabs are transparent, except for the active tab. I finally settled on the “cute bird” style, which is really attractive. Compliments on that.

I’m getting more used to the transparent tabs, but I’d prefer to see a little differentiation, such as a light gray line around the inactive tabs or a tint or something. It just makes them a bit easier to read.

But maybe after a week I’ll be so used to the transparent tabs that it’ll be business as usual again, and I won’t even notice.

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please please please restore the ability to have tab separations be made visible.


Again, PLEASE restore the vertical lines or an outline of each independent tab!! Maybe the younger eyes don’t have a prob with this new theme but I certainly do. I’ve been using Firefox since 2001 and if you can’t outline the tabs or put verticle lines back in, I’ll have to switch to something else. I hate to but I can’t really deal with these. I’m not all that young and have some vision probs and this is a prob for me. Why does everyone have to fix what isn’t broken? It technically does’t even look like tabs anymore like this. It’s back to the pre-tab days.


Have same Problem with the new Design. Here my Answere so i do not dubble Answere same: Where is original theme colours?

Either I’m blind or there’s no way to give the background tabs a background color. Transparent is a nice option, but having it be the ONLY option doesn’t make much sense when so many other things can be customized. Why?

And why no ability to create and test a static theme locally ( or if there is why is it nearly impossible to figure out )? Until I hit these glitches, or bad design choices, whatever the case may be, I was on my way back to Firefox from Chrome.

I downloaded Firefox Color, got my theme 99.76% done, and then I get invisible tabs! Harrumph! Arrgh! Plus for some inexplicable reason, the settings page goes into dark mode as well. What’s that about?

Nice to be able to still view and edit website files locally and choose my source editor. But this tabs visibility issue is a no-brainer. Transparent being the only option is just enough to make me want to pull all my hair out and feed it to the cat so it can barf it up and I can say, “Hey, see that giant hairball the cat just barfed up?” Well blame Firefox.

The ideal tab situation ( for me ) would be to be able to set a background tab’s, background color, text color, and separator color. I don’t care if it has a border color.

This is the reason why I have to abandon firefox. The design team need to be dismissed and fired.

Cannot differentiate active tab from inactive ones anymore.


Please add the function to change tabs color. This very interferes with work, esp. when you have more then 10 opened tabs. Thank you.

Best wishes, Amily,
Marketing manager
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Can’t we just have default GTK look in Linux? You make it reaally hard for us die hard fans that love open source not to leave firefox. It’s an eyesore.

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