Temperature Thing with ESP8266

(Edoardo Viola) #1

Hello Guys,
I just released a simple Thing for the Mozilla IoT Gateway with ESP8266 that shown the Temperature and the Humidity in a Room in the Gateway.
The Code is on GitHub at this Link: https://github.com/edovio/TemperatureThing
Let me know if something can be done better or if have any suggestions!

(James Hobin) #2

Nice! This is very cool. If you want to take its functionality to the next level I just merged a pull request to webthing-arduino which adds support for temperature units. The BME280 example’s code here and here adds a TemperatureCapability and temperature unit so that the device shows up with a fancy temperature-specific UI in the gateway.

(Edoardo Viola) #3

Cool! I will try soon!!!
Btw I’m working in another sketch for a RFID Card recognizing Thing :slight_smile: I think to share the sketch in the next days:)


Hi edovio,
how’s going your RFID project? I’m very interested.

It would be useful to edit user details in the gateway to add autentication properties like rfid ID or fingerprint templates.