[Testing] UK Community group chat via MATRIX

Further to the testing I’ve started using Signal it seemed appropriate to additionally test Matrix. I’m using Riot but there are many flavours of apps to use.

The umbrella group can be find over at

We can add add any number of rooms under the umbrella group. Woah already this is neat! Kicking it off with the first associated room:
HERE is a direct link to the web interface of Riot and that room.

and has been PUBLICLY LISTED on Matrix’ server.

TBD: link to CPG

Note: anyone can add themselves to this room, for now.

Consider this a risk in itself, yet also part of the test. It’s important we start to shatter perceptions of gatekeeping the community and build processes to deal with disruptive and toxic behaviours.

Added the final test for Wire.

I will be implementing a test of Matrix during MozCoffee on Saturday. Please feel free to join us. Use with discretion and awareness that, with my admin rights to the channel, I intend to apply our Community Participation Guidelines.

There will be zero time to enter into a debate on issues. There will be no hesitation in using a ban on anyone pushing their luck.

Let’s keep it good spirited. Strive to empower.

Update on the Matrix test:

  • I’ve been using Gnome Fractal now for almost 2 months

  • From today I’m testing Nheko

    • Qt user interface
    • E2EE just added
    • Multi-platform (MacOS, Linux, Windows)
    • Redact messsages (though this is fraught with federation issues which could really use some contributors eyes on it)

Why Matrix?

Well not only are its community pages accessible without signing in (a real nice feature for #openness - one of the core themes of our Internet Health Report) it can bridge to IRC, Gitter, Discord, Slack, Telegram, Minecraft, Instagram, Facebook and many more!

3 month update.

This is by far the most confusing platform for new users. Simultaneously one of the most interesting though. And I mean that due to the flexibility of connecting to other comms channels.

I’ve connected with others in Matrix, including other FOSS communities. I’ve also been using my app to connect with IRC (and therefor bridged to several Mozilla of Mozilla’s Telegram channels, including Mozillians), Gitter (DMs don’t bridge at the moment), Matrix. Immediately this does not feel like a silo seen in the other 2 test platforms.

I’ve tested Riot (for a couple of years), then Gnome Fractal, and more recently Nheko. Each of these is being actively developed, and there are even more around still. The GUI for both Riot and Fractal are to see significant changes in coming weeks.