[Testing] UK Community group chat via WIRE

Placeholder. Setup but have to rush off somewhere.

Immediately my perception is Wire groups are private and require manual invites like in Signal.

Part of a suite of tests for potential chat platforms for the UK Community. SIgnal and Matrix the other 2.


  • Negative - groups are private. Not exactly the open (or hybrid thereof) comms I wish to see in the world.
  • Positive - no mobile number sharing required to connect with contacts.
  • Neutral - Google contacts import. Handy, but a red flag to those seeking to remove connection to GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon).
  • Positive - E2EE (end-to-end encryption) has been independently audited.
  • Positive - Fully functional webapp. Not tied to a smartphone.
  • Neutral - E2EE keys don’t seem functional in a privacy concious user’s browser where cookies are always deleted and HEAVY use of Containers.

My WIRE username is: @david_ross
I’ve created a Mozilla UK Community channel but it’s my understanding the room is PRIVATE and by invite only. This is a limitation set by the platform and could be considered a feature for those not wishing to share their telephone number (as you must in Signal) and yet provide a highly secure method of communication.

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3 month update.

I’ve had a couple of people connect on Wire. This could facilitate further group channel testing. I’ve not been checking this comms channel too much but due to the uptake I’ll do so more often.

This test will continue through the end of the year, and will include the period of Mozfest.