Thank you for participating at the Dark Funnel Campaign

Hey Mozillians,

An amazing campaign came to an end. Thanks to your hard work and love for Firefox this week more than 1000 websites were reported from more than 50 countries. By our efforts together, we now understand more of the dark funnel than we ever have before and the Firefox teams are ready to use this knowledge to make sure that all Firefox users have a safe and positive experience.

We’ll post a follow-up in a few weeks to let you know how the information you shared is helping Firefox be better but wanted to reach out now to say a big Mozilla THANK YOU for your amazing work.

Also, keep an eye on this category as we are going to announce soon more exciting stuff to engage with.

Let us know on the comments what did you think of the dark funnel campaign and how we can improve.


It was very unique experience and also got to learn about many unique websites which I never knew whether they existed on web.


Hello hello lovely Reps & Mozillians,

As you’ve seen above the result, We would like to announce a small gift We have (or rather the dino has) for you to thank you for your contributions. Please share here, what you’ve done, your success (or failure), after this post, We want to give you an important gift!

As Mozillian We are pleased to write about your efforts and energies for this campaign, and We want that remains indelibly in your mozillian profile. So We would love to give a mozillian vouch at anyone that share their results and their effort for the new campaign!

Thanks again!

On behalf of the reps council,



It was interesting to be able to report those sites that we sometimes stumble upon. It would be nice if there was always a place to report them, even after the campaign ends. There will probably be more new sites after the ones we reported are closed (I hope).

Another thing that would have been useful (I don’t know if it’s possible): be able to ckeck if a site has already been reported (to avoid doublons).

Anyway, it was a great campaign

I reported lots of Dark Funnel sites and even got an adware that took a long time to delete from one of them! It was really fun to join the campaign!

I agree with Flore regarding the chance to check if the site had already been reported.


It was a fun campaign. Reported many websites but I am eager in knowing, how many reported sites were correct ? I mean i want to know if I had reported any wrong websites ?

Hey Flore,
thanks for the feedback : On duplicates we actually intentionally left people reporting websites that had been reported before. Because the more a website is being reported, it means that more users see it thus it is a bigger priority for Firefox.

Hey Mayur,
we won’t realise stats per person however we had 98% valid issues so it’s very safe to say that what you reported was most probably correct :slight_smile:

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Some follow-up information on the dark funnel project in general: 70% of Firefox downloads did not have attribution, and without attribution we can’t know for sure whether people have an authentic version of Firefox. Thanks to the dark funnel project, more than half (!) of those unknown downloads now have attribution. That means we’re working with better data, we’re better able to understand where people find Firefox, and we can make sure everyone is having the best Firefox experience.