The Open Data Day is on the 7th of March this year with many local events worldwide - a great opportunity to talk about Common Voice

The open data day will be at the 7th of march this year with over 50 events worldwide organized by the Open Knowledge Foundation:
(a lot of confirmed events are not on the website yet, so I recommend to look what your local Open Knowledge Lab does)

The common voice project fits pretty well into this. My local Open Knowledge Lab Karlsruhe will also do an event, I am thinking about doing a presentation about CV there or at least a little lightning talk. I’ve already visited the Open Data Day a few times and it is always a nice group of data nerds plus interesting talks. So if anyone of you always looked for a chance to promote Common Voice, this could be a good chance. Most groups are very open to talks from new people so don’t be shy :slight_smile:

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This is great!

It would be nice if we can start documenting Common Voice events happening on the new Mozilla Community Portal:

I think it will bring a lot of visibility to the excellent work communities are doing :slight_smile:


Interesting. Such events will spread the word among most professionals of voice data.

For our locale (kab), I gave on 2019 five onsite speeches (face2face speeches) about CV and 2 online workshops shared on Youtube and FB. For 2020 I gave one at the Department of Amazigh Language (Kabyle) of the University of Béjaia on the last 13/01.

I noticed (at least for the kab community) that actions made on social networks, recruit more contribs than those organized onsite.

For Summer 2020, I will try to organize an event and invite people to record their voices during the popular Racont’Art festival organized every year in Kabylia. I have already sent a proposition to the organizers.

If we succeed to generate a good model for the kab, I’m sure that more locales will get more involved.

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Just a little reminder since the open data will happen this saturday. There will be more than 200 local events worldwide and this is always a great chance to meet people who are interested in open data in your region.

This is definitely the case. I once got like 500 donators in a day with a simple post on Reddit. I do this talk for these reasons:

  • I want to see real-live people using the website and their reactions and opinions
  • I want to bring the information out of my digital bubble (a bit)
  • I want to motivate others to help

I think this will be mostly about making this project more visible and to bring it to people who are likely interested to things like this. It is also to spread awareness about the complete monopolization-of-digital-infrastructure - issue :slight_smile: