the Things gateway and connected the hue bridge

(S-K) #1

I am sorry if English is wrong because I am not good at English.
This is a very wonderful technology!
I set up the Things gateway and connected the hue bridge to the same network as the things gateway.
But things gateway will not find hue bridge.
Please tell me how I can recognize it.

(James Hobin) #2

Hi! Sorry that you’re having difficulty!

The first thing I would try is click the “+” button on the gateway’s main page then press the link button on top of the Hue bridge. It may take up to thirty seconds for your lights to show up.

Let me know if that doesn’t work

(S-K) #3

Thanks james.
I tried it.
However, it is displayed as “No new things found. Try adding some add-ons.”.
I added “philips-hue-adapter” and challenged once more.
But it did not solve it.

Is there a problem if a specific port is closed?

(James Hobin) #4

Hmm, that’s unfortunate. Can you make sure that your bridge is visible on the page ? If you can additionally connect a mouse and keyboard up to your gateway and make sure that the output of curl includes your gateway then I can rule out a lot of potential causes.

(Kathy Giori) #5

Here’s a nice blog tutorial on Philip’s Hue setup: