"This add-on's source code is publicly viewable." Is it?

When I look at the details of my addon, I see the following detail under Technical Details:

View Source? (Long description: Whether the source of your add-on can be displayed in our online viewer. It is only relevant for listed add-ons.)

The value of this detail is

This add-on’s source code is publicly viewable.

However I could not find any such online viewer and I couldn’t find a link to my add-on’s source code. Can somebody help me out? I would like to link to the source code in the description for the wary add-on downloader.

Thanks in advance,

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There used to be one in the old design, but I’m not sure there is one in the current design.

You can host your extension source on Github (free account) – for example:

– and then use that as the support link or home page link for the extension.


Thanks for the informative reply. I was originally planning to host the code somewhere, but after seeing the “View Source?” detail I thought that the better solution would be for Mozilla itself to conveniently verify to the user that the add-on they are downloading runs the code that they are displaying. I find it sad that they no longer do that, but at least I have some closure now and I can stop searching for the link.

Is there a way we can request them to reintroduce the feature?

There were some discussions on the AMO site board a few years ago: https://discourse.mozilla.org/search?q=source%20viewer%20category%3A109

Anyway, I think that is the best board to raise this issue.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I filed an issue to remove the unused setting https://github.com/mozilla/addons-server/issues/12418