Thunderbird kills Windows print spooler on startup

We have seen this problem on two Windows 11 systems with the latest Thunderbird version. The last system had version 115.5.1. The first system was a couple of months ago and I do not remember what version we used there.

What happens is that the print spooler is stopped (often, but not always) when Thunderbird is started. A manual start of the spooler after starting Thunderbird then enables printing again on the system.

On the first one we did not know what was causing the print spooler to stop. We wiped the system, re-installed Windows and everything else. The problem was gone after that. In hindsight we do not know why this fixed it. Apparently this is not just a problem in Thunderbird alone?

On the second one we added an extra Windows user with administrative rights and changed the original user to a standard user. Then Thunderbird (or another culprit?) no longer has sufficient privileges to kill the spool server on startup of Thunderbird and that seems to work.

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