Toggle device on/off using Aqara Mini Switch -WXKG11LM

I am attempting to configure an Aqara/Xiaomi “WXKG11LM Wireless Mini Switch” to toggle a light on and off based on a single click. The device is correctly recognized from the signature string “lumi.remote.b1acn01” and supports the “multi level input property” with four possible values:

  • 1 for a single press
  • 2 for a double press
  • 0 for a long press
  • 255 for release (after a long press)

I have been able to define this device in the zb-xiaomi.js extension file and can build rules based any one of the four values.

The value returned from the device does not change until a different button action is executed, e.g. a single press returns a value of ‘1’ but another single press some time later cannot be detected as the value returned has not changed.

However, I would really like to be able to used a single click to toggle on and off another device rather than having to use a single click to turn on the device and a double-click to turn off the device. If I use value=1 and the present state of the device I am activating (i.e. on/off), the I get the classic flip-flop result reported in [issue 694](Flip-Flop Implementation? - and based on the discussion in this posting, I can see that the answer is to use “events” and I can even see that there is code to support “single press”, “double press”, and “long press” - but cannot see how to define these for my device.

I will keep playing with the configuration, but any assistance on how to define an event would be greatly appreciated.

For information, here is the current configuration of the WXKG11LM:
Property vs. Action vs. Event
Toggle option for Rules
Flip-Flop Implementation?

'lumi.remote.b1acn01': {
	// LUMI WXKG11LM Wireless Mini Switch
    name: 'button',
    '@type': ['MultiLevelSwitch'],
    description: 'Aqara Wireless Mini Switch',
	powerSource: zb_constants_1.POWERSOURCE.BATTERY,
    activeEndpoints: {
        1: {
            profileId: zb_constants_1.PROFILE_ID.ZHA_HEX,
            inputClusters: [
				zb_constants_1.CLUSTER_ID.GENMULTISTATEINPUT_HEX,		// 0x0012 (18)
            outputClusters: [],
    properties: {
        press: {
			description: 'Aqara Wireless Mini Switch - vaue returned',
            descr: {
                '@type': 'MultilevelInputProperty',
                label: 'Value returned',
                type: 'integer',
				enum: [0,1,2,255],
				readOnly: true,
            profileId: zb_constants_1.PROFILE_ID.ZHA,
            endpoint: 1,
            clusterId: zb_constants_1.CLUSTER_ID.GENMULTISTATEINPUT,
            attr: 'presentValue',										// 0x055 (81)
            value: '',
            parseValueFromAttr: 'parseNumericAttr',