Tools>ImportExportTools NG not appearing

I installed this add-on, it is clickable under “Add-ons”, but it only brings up a settings menu with no option to import Mbox files. But ImportExportTools NG simply does not appear under Tools. I have no import option that I can find anywhere, regardless of which option I select in the TB left-side navigator.

Thanks to anyone that can help.


Never mind. It’s “Tools” from the top menu, not the hamburger menu.

I have just installed this add-on with a view to importing .eml files exported from Outlook after a computer crash. Having found the right menu, it only has the option to imort .mbox files (options to import messages and import all messages from a folder are greyed out). I’ve only just started using Thunderbird, so I’m probably missing something simple. I do have all the eml messages in folders.
Any help would be welcome!

The support site for that extension is at Issues

Create a subfolder of Local Folders, then right-click the folder, IET NG, to access all the options. Or, drag eml files from Explorer and drop them onto the subfolder.

Many thanks, I will try that

Many thanks (belatedly).


re - search…
Thanks - about to post on putting eml files ito Thb ( current version ) .

Had a whole bunch of old OE’s that I dragged to desktop folders to convert to eml.
I was confused that Thb would open an eml file from ‘file’ - open - and let me copy it to any folder I wanted ( message toolbar option - copy to ) - but not let me import messages in eml ?
However - dragging file to local folder is way quicker.
Why why why - if it will open eml files and copy to a folder of choice - will it not import them ? Seems odd to me - and such a simple thing to tweak - or not ?

eml files will drag into any local folders - or drag into the open ‘inbox’ window ?
If you open the file in Thb - it will save to anywhere via message ( toolbar ) - copy to.