TP Link bulb dimmer

Hey guys,

Just set up my raspberry pi hub and it works great with my tp-link lb130 lightbulb. One feature the thing is missing when I expand is the dimmer option. From the kasa app I can dim but not from the WoT. Any suggestions?

Hi @copelaba,

I recently changed the TP-Link add-on to not present the dimmer for color bulbs, as the “brightness” is really just one component of the color. So when you dim the bulb through the Kasa app, it’s actually just changing the color.

I made this change to make the functionality the same as our other color bulbs, i.e. Philips Hue.


Ok, so the dimming is now controlled by the value Slider?

Yes, that’s correct.

Hello. I just bought a tp-link lb130, and I want to control it from my Raspberry Pi 4. This seems to be a thread that could help me. However, I don’t see a context for this discussion and I could not find a “TP-Link” add-on for Firefox. Is it a Python library that is being discussed? Thanks!

This is for the Mozilla WebThings Gateway, a standalone gateway for IoT devices.