Tradfri and Pulse add on switches

Hi all

Can anybody please explain and maybe offer advice on a problem I’m having.

I have Devolo smartstats on my radiators .

They work fine using the date time plugin but I’d like to boost them or change the temperature via an Ikea button.
The log is showing the button working, it’s logging a short pulse when I give it a quick press, and it’s also logging a long pulse when I hold it down for a few seconds but the stats don’t change.

However, I downloaded the Pulse module and that works.

Problem with that it’s on my phone and I’d like a physical button.

Plus I can only install one pluse module and I’d like at least 4 physical ones.
Could anyone tell me what’s going on, has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?
Thanks in advance.

Not sure this can help, but I have created numerous “Virtual Thing” items to control WT devices using rules that montor when a VT item changes state. In my scenerio I use URL to set the state of a VT item by remote applications…

Hi Eric, thanks for your reply it’s appreciated. However been quite new to WT I don’t quite understand what you mean. Sorry I’ll rephrase this. I understand what you are saying but I don’t understand how to achieve it. Would you be kind enough to explain a little more. Thanks Alex

You can add as many Pulse things as you want.

You can then have the Tradfri button actions trigger whichever Pulse you want.

Brilliant, thanks Nathan. I also apologise as I’m sure I couldn’t add more “pulses” ( newbee errors maybe) but thanks for this, if this works you saved me a shed load of work. But I’m also open to hear of alternatives, thanks again. Alex

Do you have the Tradfri 5 button?
If yes, then you just need to set up rules to connect the various buttons to different actions.
For example, the left and right buttons could be used to select different valves and the up and down buttons to change the temperature of the selected valve.

Hi all, thanks very much for your kind contributions.

The button I have is the IKEA shortcut button.

WT seems to recognise when I just blip it on or when I hold it on for a few seconds. So it’s “seeing” it and it shows this in the logs.

However, although the pulse button works ( changers the temperature on the valve ), I can’t get the IKEA button to operate the pulse button which in turn sets the temperature of the valve.

So my rules must be incorrect.

If I could explain what I have done and maybe someone might be kind enough to shed some light on my setup.

I start with my IKEA “boost” button.

And my first rule is

" if boost button is on, turn test pulse on"

My second command is

"If the test pulse is on , set thermostat to 22.

I also tried setting the test pulse to “event turned on” instead of just on and that didn’t work either.

So it must be how I’ve joined the IKEA button to the test pulse, but I can’t see what I’ve done wrong.

I’d really appreciate if anyone could spot the fault and let me know what it is, and thanks again for your help and suggestions. Alex

I don’t have that Tradfri button, I have two other Tradfri controllers, and they look like this when setting up rules:

Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 7.42.31 AM Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 7.43.28 AM

Do your button rule show the “Events” the button is capable of in a similar fashion? I would assume it would have the pressed and longPressed actions that the Tradfri controllers I have.

Hi Nathan, thanks again.
Mine have the events 1 & 2.
(Short/long) press I guess)
And I’ve not tried changing them to events one and two but I’ll give it ago, desperate times :scream:.
Failing that I’ll try a different button. But I’m glad to hear if you have the correct button it will work, fingers crossed. But thanks again for your input. Alex

Hi Nathan
Massive thanks for your advice. I’ve just called the wife to monitor a few stats for me while I tried to change the remotely as I’m not at home.
They ALL changed , so you’ve done it. Thanks it’s a massive help especially now the temperature is on its way down ( I hope) .

When I get back I’ll put them through their paces and hopefully I’m sorted. Thanks again best result I’ve had with WT this week👍