Transitioning from Staff to Volunteer on May 14th

Hi everyone,

I’m writing to let you know that I’m closing out my 9 years, 9 months of employment at Mozilla on May 14th.

I don’t have words that describe how working with you has changed me. Almost a decade ago when I applied to work here, I did so at 3AM and expected to get a, “thanks, but no thanks” reply. Instead, I got to meet and work with an amazing team of people and a global community numbering in the thousands who are endlessly passionate about linguistic accessibility. It’s been a dream come true! I’ve been able to do more here than I ever expected, and I was only able to do any of it thanks to the support of a strong team and all of you.

I have really appreciated all of the time I’ve been able to spend with you in-person at community meetups. Learning about your languages, your cultures, and your personal and professional lives has been a pleasure and has opened my eyes more than I think almost anything else could. I count many of you as good friends and I hope to continue to stay in touch with you.

I don’t plan to go away completely. While employed at Mozilla, I’ve helped with ‘es’ and ‘es-MX’ localization and I want to continue to contribute translations to those locales. I’ve also enjoyed supporting the Mozilla Nativo community, and hope to continue to mentor and support them.

I want to avoid sharing my personal information on a public forum, but if you’d like to stay in touch outside of Mozilla, email me at before May 14th, and I’ll send you my personal email and social media.

Thank you all,


It’s been tragic seeing so many great people leaving Mozilla recently. Will never forget you and your kindness the first time met you in Sri Lanka.
Wish you luck for the next chapter of your life.

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Thank you.

Welcome to SUMO.

As with Axel, I was saddened to read about you leaving. But I hope you find a good opportunity for your talents and I wish you best luck.

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