Turkish sub-discourse

Hi Discourse moderators, would it be possible to get a sub-discourse for Turkish (Türkçe, tr), there are already tags for French, Catalan and some other languages. Could you let us know what the process is to make that happen? Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

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https://discourse.mozilla.org/c/voice/tr/610 Heya the subthread for Turkish has now been created.


@bozden, would you like to be the author or would anyone in your community like to be ? Author’s get moderator access and for their language category.

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@heyhillary thank you for this! Actually there are very few Turkish users on Discourse, the main goal is to build the community and gather everyone here.
I can jump-start it… If anyone more suitable / willing comes around, I can pass the flag.

Over the last few days I completed most of the missing translations in the site UI, some are already accepted. The examples must be localized thou, I’ll work on these.

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Dear native Turkish speakers, our sub-discourse is here:


You can also select it from the UI:


Keywords: Turkish, Turkey, Türkçe, Türkiye