uBlock Origins blocks all Youtube videos

(Aguyouknow) #1

When I attempt to play any video on youtube.com, the videos immediately go from a preview page to a black screen with a snowy gray flicker and the message “An error occurred”.

Testing scenarios:

  1. I disabled every add-on including uBlock Origins and Youtube failed to work.

  2. I restarted in Safe Mode and Youtube succesfully worked.

  3. I refreshed Firefox back to original pre-addons and Youtube successfully worked.

  4. I went to about:addons and enabled uBlock Origins addon and Youtube failed to work. It is the first and only extension added after the refresh step 3.

4a. I turned off uBlock Origins - it didn’t help.

4b. I disabled uBlock Origins - it didn’t help.

Youtube only works in Firefox Safe Mode or via a total refresh of Firefox.

Once uBlock is enabled there’s nothing obvious to me that can be done to make youtube work short of launching FF in safe mode or total refresh of FF.

Version: Firefox 57.04 64bit Windows

Please help. Thanks in advance!