Unable to use libraries which uses eval

My Addon url: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/jira-assistant/

I have developed an addon and published it in Firefox store years back. But recently based on review process all version of addon is removed. I have used some commonly used libraries for generation of excel from npm and that library uses eval and that is the only library which have all capabilities for generation of excel from Javascript. Just because eval permission is opted, my addon is getting removed from store and I was not able to publish.

This is very much irritating and who ever is already using the addon are awaiting some fixes and I was not able to publish. Also new users keeps reporting about the missing addon.

I don’t think for such common libraries having these limitation in the name of security makes real sense. Moreover this makes it impossible for some functionalities to be built. Instead if it is going to be a security risk, then users can be warned about it at the time of installation and the decision would be left with the user.

Library code can be exempt from some rules like eval, but if it’s a relatively unknown library then it might take some discussion with the reviewer to reach a conclusion. I suggest that you continue responding to the reviewer in order to resolve this matter.