My addon has been disabled for no real reason


I have the following addon that has been published for almost two years and now it has been deactivated for no real reason.

The moderator’s reason was that the addon is using eval() function, which is true, it does use it. However, I explained a lot of times in the past why my addon needs to use eval() function, and everytime the mdoerators understood and allowed it. Now, it has been disabled all of a sudden and he (the moderator) is not responding to my reply.

What should I do? Can you guys enable it back?

P.S.: My addon works 100% offline, it doesn’t do any ajax request at all, it does not connect to any remote server, not even an image is loaded remotely. The eval() function is required for a feature where users can type their own custom javascript code that is executed by the addon. Everything is transparent to the user.

Thank you!

Can you change out eval() for

But that doesn’t work with executing code in background scripts or content scripts, does it?

I am not really sure what’s the problem with eval() if it’s used correctly.