Unapproving translations whose source strings have been updated

Hello! Is there any way in Pontoon to _un_approve any approved translation when its source string is updated? Alternatively, if that’s not possible, is there a way to find a list of such translations?

(I thought at first that this might be what “Fuzzy” means, but I tested out making an update to an English string, existing translations of that string weren’t marked as Fuzzy.)


What happens here really depends on file format.

For bilingual file formats, the en-US string is regarded the key, and for those, Pontoon creates a new reference entity, and possibly fuzzy translations.

For monolingual files, there’s keys, which are considered to be semantic version IDs, effectively.

If you want to enforce a change to translations, you need to rev the ID.

This comes with the benefit that if you want to change the English string w/out affecting all localizations, you just don’t change the ID, and that will happen for you.

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Thanks @Pike!

FWIW, our use case is sort of in between “change the English w/out affecting all localizations” and “enforce a change to translations”: we want to be able to review existing translations for strings whose English content has changed, revising them only if necessary. One idea: there were a way to filter strings for any locale by the update time of the corresponding English string, that would solve this pretty neatly…

We’re adding a review functionality as we speak.

Maybe a follow-up could be to add a review step for all translations of a string.


Hi @anand,

It seems like filtering by source string update time would solve the problem. But I wonder if such filter would be visible enough.

Users usually watch dashboards to see what needs to be worked on, so adding another translation status (e.g. Reviewed) is probably a better solution.

Hi @mathjazz,

I think you’re right that a Reviewed status would be ideal, but as that seems like a larger endeavor, I put together a PR attempting to add a “Stale” filter that looks for translations whose edit times are before their corresponding source string’s updated time: https://github.com/mozilla/pontoon/pull/1625. We’ll probably use this in our fork, but also happy to clean it up if you’d like to take it upstream!