Unlisted AddIn - No Code Review Approval for over 15 days

I have an unlisted AddIn that hasn’t been approved, nor have we received any messages about the AddIn, since June 5th. This has now been well over the “up to 1 week” delay. I’ve contacted amo-admins [at] mozilla.com, but have not yet heard anything back. This is a link to my addin’s developer page:


I should note that I’m unable to manually submit the code for approval either. I suspect my account may be shadow banned, but am unable to deduce why.

Seems very similar to the issues that can be found on this thread: Who reviews the Add-ons, what can we learn about the delays / progress

These delays have left our firefox users without able to get the latest bug fixes for their web extension. Please let me know what I can do to unblock this issue.

Hi @retail-assistant, sorry for the delayed response. Have you received any updates about your review?

Hi @caitlin, thanks for responding. Our Prod 1.56 review has been manually approved but our Prod 1.54, 1.55, and 1.57 are all still pending. Additionally our Alpha & Beta versions have not been approved for over a month. Alpha is pending starting with 1.53.2106.3647 since June 3rd, and Beta is pending starting with 1.54.2106.5422 since June 4th. For Prod 1.56 we followed instructions from the reviewer for uploading our source to the developer hub and were able to get that approved. Our users are waiting for bug-fixes in these versions and we’ve had no response on any review besides Prod 1.56.

Update: Our Prod version has been approved and we’re up to date now.

Our Alpha and Beta still haven’t been fortunate enough to receive the same treatment. Is there any update on how long it will take to get these approved again? They’ve remained unapproved since June 3rd & 4th respectively.