Who reviews the Add-ons, what can we learn about the delays / progress

Hi all
Firstly, if I offend anyone by not knowing the process or making assumptions then I am sorry in advance.

I’ve got a simple private addon that I use internally at my company. Its not really complicated but I have been shipping this for nearly 5 years.

Originally add on reviews at the start were fast but now I am unsure of the following:

Is there a queue or log of pending work that is being reviewed - is this visible to me?
Can we check who is reviewing the code?
What time is required for review?
Are you reviewing from scratch or do you review diffs of the addon?
Does someone get assigned “long term” for a particular addon to review?
Re reviews: Who are these people? How do we contact them? Are they contactable?
Do you have a list of reviewers online?
What happens when we submit the code for review - what the process etc?

Lots of things. Some of this is answered but finding the information and clarifying it is not outdated is helpful


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