Upgrading to an add-on that specifies its add-on ID


Up to now, my WebExtension has never specified the add-on ID in manifest.json. I’m working on a new version which will be using native messaging, so I have to specify the add-on ID in the add-on manifest, according to the documentation.

When my users eventually upgrade to this new version with the add-on ID, will Firefox treat this as an upgrade, even though the old versions don’t have an add-on ID in their manifest? I want to make sure that my users don’t lose their data after the upgrade, including user prefs stored with the browser.storage API, as well as user-generated data that is stored in IndexedDB. Thanks in advance.

(Martin Giger) #2

As soon as an extension is signed it gets an ID. You can see that ID in about:debugging when installing the signed version. You would have to keep using that ID.


Thanks for the explanation. I am able to confirm the add-on ID of the previous version from about:debugging when I reinstalled the old version (which doesn’t the ID specified in the manifest). So I will be using that ID from now on. Thanks again.