Validation with 14 warnings, is this delaying my addon publishing process?

(Ivor) #1

It’s been a month already and I’m unable to see the Listing Visibility form to enable my extension for public/private view.

I wonder if this is delaying my submission.

All I see is this:

And by the way I’m not sure why I’m seeing This add-on is not available on your platform. I have the .xpi installed in my Nightly and it’s working correctly.

I’ve been developing extensions for Chrome only and this is my first Firefox Add-On. Can somebody give me a hand?

(Martin Giger) #2

This sounds like you uploaded an unlisted version. It also appears that this is not a WebExtension, though you said you built extensions for Chrome previously, so that’d surprise me.

The “This add-on is not available on your platform” is decided by there not being an XPI in the current version (0.2.5) for your platform, which is also something you decide when uploading the version, or you can remove platforms afterward in the details of a version. But again, the list there says “All Platforms” so I’d expect that to be an issue with the extension you uploaded possibly being incompatible, just as the “Not compatible with Firefox Quantum” badge does.

The add-on itself is “published”, since the status of the version is “Approved”.

(Ivor) #3

Thank you, freaktechnik.

It is indeed a Web Extension as it was built with the Web Extension API, but I’m not familiar with Firefox’s add-ons upload process, and to be completely honest it is confusing as hell.

How is incompatible if when I drag & drop the .xpi that was signed by Mozilla to Firefox 62+ and it is working fine?

unlisted version

What is an ‘unlisted version’

Oh and by the way, the .xpi file is already there so I don’t know what I’m missing.

(Jorge) #4

Here’s the info on distribution:

You might have selected the self-hosting option.