Process for getting an addon live

(Christian Dannie Storgaard) #1

I recently wrote my first extension (
irefox/addon/videoaspectfixer/), but I’m not sure I’ve done whatever is
needed to actually let it show up and I couldn’t find any more
information in the guide (I used web-ext to upload, so most of it
doesn’t apply).

First off, when I view that page (which I couldn’t find a link for on
AMO, btw), it says that the extension is incompatible with Firefox
Quantum, but the Compatibility setting is set to “48.0 - *” in the
version manager and the extension is running happily in this very
Secondly, the page says there’s no published version, but I can’t seem
to find any way to publish the extension; how do I do that?

Thanks in advance for any help.

(Martin Giger) #2

When uploading with web-ext your extension is not uploaded for a public listing but instead for your own distribution and only signed.

(Christian Dannie Storgaard) #3

That makes so much sense, thanks!
It should probably be mentioned on though.

(Tom Schuster) #4

The first sentence is

As an alternative to publishing your extension on, …