Victron BMV info on Mozilla webthings


I am very new to Raspberry Pi and Webthings. I have installed this and got it up and running. I have a Victron BMV-700 that i have connected to the Rpi with a USB cable.

I need some help to get the info from the Victron onto the webthings page. can someone point me in the right direction here on how to do this?

If there is no existing device adapter, then to add this device to the gateway, someone must write one. This device adapter will talk to the device on one side and on the other side talk to the gateway to allow the device to be inspected and interacted with.
There are many relevant resources at the WebThingsIO wiki. The most common supported languages for device adapters are JavaScript (including TypeScript) and Python. The Example-Adapter is a great starting point for JavaScript development, and the addon list in your gateway (click the + on the Settings / Addons page) gives pointers to the home pages and source code repositories of most of the adapters.