Wanting an Assessment For "Marking Up a Letter"

Hello all,

I am looking for an assessment to “Marling Up a Letter”.

This is the assessment page.

My code for the assessment.

I am interested in knowing what you think of my code, how I can improve, etc.

Please don’t hold back!

Thanks, in advance, for your help.

I’m really enjoying web development through MDN.

Thanks to MDN for making all this educational content free!

I hope to hear from you soon. Be well.

Happy New Year!

Peter G. Morales

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Hi Peter!

Your code looks awesome, and you have correctly marked the required elements.

I’d just make one comment: on the second address element you have included a paragraph inside with all the text, and as you don’t have a paragraph in the first address element, I’d remove it from the second one.

Great job, and expect to see more!



Thank you for your feedback!

I have to remember to proofread my code!

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