WebThings Gateway as home hub for voice tv control?

I just created this account so I admit I don’t clearly have an idea whether what I’m asking for is even within the scope of the project. Nonetheless I just moved and my cable provider supplied a new cable box and not only is the search function putrid, this “provider” has a history of not working well with other suppliers, in fact Roku had something working and removed support for their system. I guess I need to add my interest in streaming is minimal, I’m just interested for now mostly in what’s actually on the box. Anyway I’d like to find a way to do voice command of the cable box. I understand there are several commercial systems that do this, you can choose Amazon Fire TV Cube standalone, or Amazon Echo or Fire TV with a home hub like Logitech Harmony Hub, or my Vizio TV will accept Google Assistant voice commands from any smartphone with their app but it also needs a hub, and in some cases an IR capability too. I’m just thinking linearly about a way to use a Raspberry Pi as a hub substitute, but I don’t know if a project like this necessarily requires using or linking to proprietary APIs and software. I just figured maybe if I posted someone who understands this architecture way better than I do could explain which software components exist already and which would need to be developed, for all I know these two concepts aren’t even using compatible definitions of the term “hub” but I’m sure if that’s the case someone will quickly straighten me out.

There would have to be some API available to control the device. Any idea if that exists?