Alexa integration or HA-Bridge support


I wluld like to control Mozilla IOT with Alexa, The way i did it with domoticz is with HA-Bridge ( witch is an philips hue emulator running on another raspberry pi.
Could this be used for Mozilla in some way?

(Ben Francis) #2

@andrenatal is currently looking at Alexa integration. See also issue 654.

The idea is to get an Alexa skill to call the gateway’s Web Thing API directly.

(Andrew Hancock) #3

I wondered where we are with this, as we are now in August 2018 ?

(Ben Francis) #4

Not much progress yet I’m afraid, but it’s getting quite high up our backlog.

(Andrew Hancock) #5

let me know, when testers are required…

(Mhzpower) #6

I am just getting started with my home iot. Im not super impressed with any voice control. But I think it is a neat feature and definitely something to keep up with.

I think integrating Alexa and Mozilla bridge would be a great start.

The key word “Alexa, tell gateway to…” seems like a good way to segregate the systems.

(Sasivarnan R) #7

I will also be happy to help with testing.
Count me in as well.