Alexa integration or HA-Bridge support

I wluld like to control Mozilla IOT with Alexa, The way i did it with domoticz is with HA-Bridge ( witch is an philips hue emulator running on another raspberry pi.
Could this be used for Mozilla in some way?

@r_ZHZSOy6DUli9TkzEmP6KPQ is currently looking at Alexa integration. See also issue 654.

The idea is to get an Alexa skill to call the gateway’s Web Thing API directly.

I wondered where we are with this, as we are now in August 2018 ?

Not much progress yet I’m afraid, but it’s getting quite high up our backlog.

let me know, when testers are required…

I am just getting started with my home iot. Im not super impressed with any voice control. But I think it is a neat feature and definitely something to keep up with.

I think integrating Alexa and Mozilla bridge would be a great start.

The key word “Alexa, tell gateway to…” seems like a good way to segregate the systems.

I will also be happy to help with testing.
Count me in as well.

Ohkayyy does it work?

I tried Tim’s implementation:

and it seemed to configure ok, but I did not get it to work. Maybe try yourself and if unsuccessful, post issues for Tim in his github repo.

There are even better, private approaches to voice commands in the works. The existing voice-controller add-on needs to be transitioned into a separate installable application, that will communicate with the gateway using the web thing API. The cool thing about these other approaches is that they work locally, without the internet. :slight_smile:

Hi, I’ve been perusing this discussion only recently, and I see the PR Add Alexa Adapter was closed without a resolution. Browsing the Amazon Developer site, I see they have an Alexa Gadgets Toolkit which allows devices to pair and interact with Echo devices via Bluetooth. In theory, an Alexa skill could be developed to interact with the Mozilla Gateway via a Custom Interface.

(The Custom Interface page contains a note which links back to the “Smart Home Skill API” which indicates the Gadget interface may not work well for home automation.)

What are you guys saying? I have been using HABridge with Mozilla Gateway since I first started using it. The integration works very well. I have even posted about it here.