Is Google Assistant support in consideration?

(Guillaume86) #1

First of all congrats and thanks for this project it looks great.

I’m currently using SmartThings as a bridge to my ZWave/Zigbee/Wifi things, I also considered using HomeAssistant but the Google Assistant support skewed my decision.

It seemed it would be pretty hard (read impossible) to get a small hobbyist smart home app reviewed and accepted by Google (it would also require me to configure remote access to my bridge and maintain some DNS records).

What Samsung does with SmartThings is acting as a bridge to the Google smart home services. You can enable the SmartThings access inside the Google Home app and then your devices become visible from google home/assistant.

SmartThings also comes with severe limitations when it comes to extensibility and I would love to jump ship to your solution. Would you consider providing a solution to bridge “Project Things” to Google Assistant in a easy way? It would certainly be a bit more involved then the remote access you provide, but I think the “cloud” server could remain relatively simple, it would just redirect traffic to the hub and a plugin would be responsible to handle the heavy work.

(Ben Francis) #2

Hi there,

We don’t yet have support for Google Assistant as a controller, but it should be possible. We have already created an early demonstration of how to control the gateway from an Alexa Skill which can talk to the gateway using its REST & WebSockets API.

The first time setup on the gateway offers you a free subdomain and automatically configures DNS & SSL for you. We also support OAuth so it should be possible for an assistant like Google Assistant to request access to the gateway as a third party application, you’d just need to tell it the domain of your gateway.

This is all quite theoretical at this point because as far as I know nobody has tried it, but the benefit of using established web technologies like HTTP, WebSockets, JSON, TLS and OAuth is that the tools should already exist to make it possible.

(Guillaume86) #3

Thanks for your reply, happy to hear you’ve already tried Alexa (unfortunately not available in my country but it’s coming I guess).

My main concern was not really tech related (I know you can handle it :smile:), it’s more that google controls which “apps” they accept in their “Home” app, and you have to be pass a review process to be accepted there.

I don’t think I see any open source app currently in the list, and IIRC, each app is tied to a single domain so you would need to maintain a server dedicated to tunnel Google Smart Home requests to the user gateways.

(Mgkasper6) #4

Guillaume86 - So you are using Smartthings to integrate your zwave devices into the Things Gateway?

I have a Smartthings hub, too, but would like to somehow get that talking to Things Gateway like you can with Smartthings and Home Assistant via MQTT. Any advice is appreciated! Just don’t want to have to buy a zwave usb to use this project.

(Guillaume86) #5

Hi @mgkasper6

Sorry I can’t help you on this one, my plan is to wait for Google Assistant support in Project Things (only thing I need that I can’t contribute myself), then port the device handlers I use in SmartThings to the Things Gateway, switch entirely and remove the ST bridge. I want to keep my setup as simple as possible.