Weekly Call 2015-04-23


Thursday April 23th, 15:00 UTC


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Weekly call details: https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/Meetings#ReMo_weekly_call

Detailed notes

Detailed notes

Council elections

The Mozilla Reps program has been a volunteer driven program since day 1. In that spirit the core governing body of the program, the Council, was designed to be an elected body with new members chosen by all Reps every six months.

The time has come for a new round of elections and this time 3 positions need to be filled. Emma, Raj and Arturo are reaching the end of their 12-month terms and their seats need to be replaced for another 12-month term.

Pierros announced the timeline for the campaign, that will end on May 14th. If you have any questions for existing council about what it means to run-for or be a council member, feel free to reach them directly.

Buddy Up – call for second phase

Phase I of Buddy Up is complete and they are now in Phase II. Contact marcia@mozilla.com if you want to help with any tasks. The current team is: Marcia Knous (IRC marcia) & Ioana Chiorean (IRC ioanachiorean)- Mentors: Alfredos – (IRC fredy), Karthikeyan, Christos.

You can find them at #buddyup on irc.mozilla.org.

Ideas to make this call better

We are still gathering ideas to make this call better, please comment on last week ideas (line 188) or add new ones.

Workflow Proposal and Community IT SOP

A few weeks have passed and Council feels everyone had the opportunity to send their feedback about these two new policies. In the coming days the two policies will be ported to the wiki and announced.

Council is grateful with everyone involved in the process of shaping both documents. Please reach out to the council if you have any other questions.

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