Weekly Call 2015-10-08


  • Thursday October 8th, 15:00 UTC


  • Check the agenda and please add your own topics as well if you have something to share with us.

AirMozilla video

Weekly call details:


  1. Help me with my project
  2. What we’re working on in Council
  3. Participation Gatherings ( George)
  4. Participation @ MozFest (Emma)
  5. Firefox Os meetup Paris (Brian)
  6. Moztech Speakers (Havi

PS: As always we encourage you to add some shout outs! We have amazing reps doing amazing work! Let’s send them some #mozlove!

Raw etherpad notes


  • Hi my name is Rosana, this is my first time with Etherpad lite :open_mouth:
  • Hi, I am Ioana and there are to many greens to choose from…
  • Hi, I am Petras from Lithuania.
  • Hi I am Brian from Slovenia … live from the community space!
  • Hi, I’m Havi from California (Mtn View office)
  • Hi, I’m San James from Kampala, Uganda
  • Konstantina and Martyna, today from Paris
  • Francisco from Madrid
  • Hi, I am Ikram from Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Hi my name is Christos and I am from Greece
  • Hi my name is Umesh and I am from India. :slight_smile:
  • Hi my name is Ahsan and surviving from Bangladesh
  • Hi my name is Mariot and I am from Madagascar
  • Hi it’s Flaki from an obscure Budapest café he was meaning to visit for some time anyway :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Hi, I’m Anis from Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Hi, I am Ankit, from Pune, India
  • Hi, I am Luna from Stockholm, Sweden
  • Hi I am Viswa from tamilnadu India
  • HI I am Faisal, Etherad lite is actually slow :frowning:
  • Hi I am Alex Lakatos, and I’m in Bucharest now at a conference, just finished talking about Firefox OS.
  • Hi, I am Sammy Fung from Hong Kong.
  • Hi , I am Bolaram Paul from Sylhet,Bangladesh (feeling hungry)

Topic 2 - Firefox OS Participation Update (Brian)

  • brand new FX OS Participation program
  • goal are
  • get more people use Firefox OS (foxfooding)
  • increasing the number of technical contributions
  • Be the foundation of Firefox OS Team of about 15 right now and expanding and we are focusing on Firefox OS participation
  • Meetup:
    • brainstorming
  • set some KPIs
  • make the plan for better and easier for participation
  • Participation HUB - one stop to start your contributions

Contact Brian and William to get involved!

Topic 3 - Participation at MozFest (Emma)

Slides here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1_gUb0F6_Myjj7yJNOU0cMXiY1oe7HfMmfoFEwc5iAGI/edit#slide=id.gbe20fb449_1_25

  • Forget everything that you know! ( PS - remember though the metro lines)
  • Deliberate intersection between to the theme-based floors
  • Github milestone = Theme
  • Our major input in Building Participation
  • New Technologies for Participation
  • Leading and building Community through Participation
  • Scalling Participatory Learning Experiences

Not at MozFest:

  • Visibility ( discourse, blog posts, etc)
  • Workshop and curiculum

Topic 4 - Moztech Speakers (Havi)

  • Developer Relations team started the program in the spring.


  • There are lots of Reps who would like to join in these session, how can they?
  • Current format cannot really scale -> you could help us figure out how could we scale this (see above).
  • The second pilot is still ongoing (has just started few weeks ago), there is no way to join that at this point unfortunately.
  • It’s still unclear how we’ll go forward from there after the second pilot is over.
  • There is a Facebook group of Evangelism Reps, do you plan to manage/curate it?
  • we are some admins there which at the moment clean the bad posting but we do not add new persons
  • but I think we need to encourage more of the program attendees to shar emroe there
  • the program accepts non tech persons?
  • YES!!! Meaning you don’t have to a developer to join. But the focus is on technology and talking to technical/developer audiences


  • Stay tuned! Learn more at Global Gatherings…
  • Help us figure out how to scale. Start a small Tech Speaking group with your friends or in your own community (see blog below)
  • Havi’s ACTION ITEM: how to integrate Tech Speakers present and future w/Facebook Evangelism Reps page

Topic 7 - What we’re working on in Council (Ankit)

Etherpad migration

  • The participation team along with the IT team are putting a huge effort on having a smooth transition.
  • There was a call to action in Reps- general from Rosana, you can help by responding to it (if necessary)

Coaching communities - the Kerala community

  • council established a communication with this amazing community
  • they have a really promising plan and council will help them achieve it
  • council is always available for coaching at reps-council@mozilla.com

New Reps application Queue

  • There are some delays in mentors assignment which will be solved by early next week

New council members voting period

  • The process will begin soon by the module owner Pierros

Don’t forget that council is always available to reach out at reps-council@mozilla.com