Weekly Call 2016-02-11


Thursday February 4th, 16:00 UTC


Check the agenda and please add your own topics as well if you have something to share with us.

AirMozilla video

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  • Net Neutrality - India
  • Innovation Fund
  • Working groups
  • Events
  • Help me with my project

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  • Attendees:
  1. Hi my name is Danielle , and i am from Italy. Today my lunch was pasta, vegetables and meal (i don’t know the english version of the foods).
  2. Hi I’m Nootan, and I am from Kathmandu, Nepal. Today may lunch was spaghetti, veggies, and salad. Still can’t configure Vidyo for debian. So Will see AirMozilla (No Audio?) and this pad.
  3. Hi I’m Anivar and I’m from Banalore, India. Today my lunch was some leaves and chicken (i m on keto Diet )
  4. Hi I’m Abhiram and I’m from Bangalore, India. Just had amazing cupcakes for dessert!
  5. hi my name is Christophe and i am from Paris, France. Today my lunch was fish - rice and orange - cookies :slight_smile:
  6. Hi , I am Ioana and I am from Romania. Today my lunch was farfanele with speak and parmezan
  7. Hi Konstantina from Greese. Made rizoto today (love the parmezan)
  8. Hi I’m George and I’m from Berlin. Today my lunch was a bretzel.
  9. Hi Im Stefan Costen AKA Costenslayer from UK and i had MozLunch My T Shirt is Checked Black and gray with Firefox embraded on it Nice! Were you at MWC 2 years ago?
  10. Hi, I am Sunnat from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Today my lunch was traditional food.
  11. Hello, I’m Rubén from Spain and my t-shirt is gray. (Nuke food…)
  12. Hi my name is Alex, and I am from London. Today my lunch was Pizza Metro
  13. Hello, I’m Francisco from Madrid (Spain), and today my lunch was coffee and toasts (that’s not lunch) crap… that was my breakfast, lunch was PASTA!!!
  14. Hi my Name is Lavish , and I am from India
  15. Hi my name is Ganesh, and I am from Mauritius, Today my lunch was sandwich with tuna flake curry and potato
  16. Hi my name is Amine, and I am from Tunisia. Today my lunch was pizza
  17. Hi my name is tim maks and i am from the Netherlands
  18. Hi I am Belayet and I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  19. Hi I am Radhakrishna Pemmasani and I am from Hyderabad.
  20. Hi, I am Shahid from India (connected over the Skype)
  21. Hi, i am Yofie from Jakarta, Indonesia.
  22. Hi, I am Viswaprasath(VP7) from India.

Shout outs!

  • Daily Builds Activated for Nepali (ne_NP) for Firefox \o/
  • Mozilla India Policy & Advocacy Task Force for advocating throughout India about net neutrality & bringing an effective policy
  • To the few hundred people who shared their really intelligent feedback and ideas on the CD changes.
  • Abhiram: Sunnat - for getting the FSA handbook started! Thaks a bunch, Sunnat!
  • Alex and Daniele who are stepping up to talk about Fosdem \o/


TOPIC 1 - Net Neutrality - India - Anivar and Abhiram

  • The Indian regulator have set the tone for 21st century internet in the developing world. TRAI decision is a beacon for govts around the world considering how the internet should be brought to the poorer half of the world. That internet for us in the developing world will not be a second class shoddy internet in the name of access. It will not be the Government controlled net offered by the Governments of Russia, Iran or China. Neither will it of the pure capitalist wild west set by telecommunications companies, regulators in the west or platform companies.In particular no effort to break privacy, security of the poor in exchange for internet or service by any platform company will be tolerated
  • Zero rating (discriminatory/Differential pricing) --> offer crumbs from the Internet’s table in the form of free access to walled-garden services as a solution for digital divide. But this breaks Net Neutrality Mozilla Wrote 3 Letters t o Government of India including the one submitted to this consultation process . Mozilla India Task force worked with Mozilla policy team for the latest submission. It was 100% win for Mozilla position. Mozilla India Advocacy community actions are many during this campaign time (From March 2015 onward - Feb 2016) ranging from mobilizing signatures from college students , running Net-neutrality teaching booths in Public bus terminals, Teaching Net neutrality in colleges, Writing articles in Local Media/ Blog in regional languages, Participating in Public Talks / Prime time channel discussions on Net-neutrality , participating Policy meetings to High-level negotiations with parliamentarians.
    this is a great example of collaboration between Mozilla and various organizations and FOSS communities. This campaign build a lot of Trust in Mozilla Brand in India as a savior of Internet Rights
  • India Regulation on Discriminatory Pricing (including Selective Zero rating) (Just 16 pages) +1
  • Welcome Statement from Save The Internet coalition ( Mozilla india community is also part of this )
  • Mozilla Submission to the process
  • Previous submissions 1. http://blog.mozillaindia.org/1287 2. http://blog.mozillaindia.org/1418
  • Abhiram: On the ground protest joined by FSAs from different colleges in Bangalore, India | URL: http://www.engadget.com/2016/02/08/india-bans-zero-rating-internet-schemes/
  • Abhiram: An earlier article about the same protest of which I was a part of. I’m the one in blue! (http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jan/15/india-net-neutrality-activists-facebook-free-basics)

TOPIC 2 - Reps Innovation Fund - Rosana

  • we are connecting with the CD team
  • if you want to help us with answering opening questions let us know- Abhiram (abhi12ravi [at] gmail [dot] com) interested
  • we will create a gihub issue
  • we are moving fast so we will have update in the next few weeks
  • Joing the group defining the details of the fund in the doc:
  • Start your own design team and join the
  • https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JBzIUq5F5d5HJhDNBklOe9t83NI4c8fU1NK0oJjyMYE/edit open question
  • Human centered design course: https://novoed.com/design-kit-q1-2016/ find solutions for people, there is a course that is going to run. If you have community members around you, you can assemble a team and get into the course we will send an e-mail on human centered design

TOPIC 3 - Featured Future Events (Franc) 5 mins (or less)

TOPIC 4 - What we’re working on in Council - Nuke

*** Working groups** - we are publishing the working groups that we are going to work on based on the reps.next changes they will be published in discourse council member will drive each one of them (Any Specific reason why only Council Member driving them, why not other reps By VP7)

  • if you’re interested add your name in discourse and let us know - let’s shape the program (YAY)

TOPIC 5 - Swag spam and polo updates - Konstantina

  • there is been a clean up on swag bugs, please take a minute to reply if you have a need-inf
  • we are behind on polos - mediums we are producing new ones

NON-VERBAL UPDATES (ie: you can’t attend but want to share something)