Weekly Call 2016-04-14


Thursday April 7th, 16:00 UTC


Check the agenda and please add your own topics as well if you have something to share with us.

AirMozilla video

Weekly call details:



Today’s call is a special call dedicated to the Council’s/Participation’s meeting happening this weekend

And your topic! - feel free to add it on etherpad

PS: As always we encourage you to add some shout outs! We have amazing reps doing amazing work! Let’s send them some #mozlove!

Raw notes can be read here.


  1. Hi, my name is @emin, and I am from Azerbaijan. My main contribution areas in Mozilla is L10n, Coding, Community
  2. Hi, My name is Dyvik Chenna, and I am from India. My main contribution area in Mozilla is Community Building, Support
  3. Hi, my name is Mahendra Shrivas from Accra Ghana. My main contributions area in Mozilla is community building, Webmaker & Firefox Club.
  4. Ioana - currently in FRA airport
  5. Konstantina today from Berlin. My main contribution is supporting all of you :slight_smile: Thank You! +1
  6. Hi my name is Amine @Zaafouri and I am from Tunisia My main contribution area in Mozilla is Community Management
  7. HI My Name is @heyvp7 and I am from Tamilnadu, India, My main area of Contribution in Mozilla is Firefos OS app reviewers, previously FSA E-board (Tech), Currently builidng Community in our region and learning webExtension
  8. Hi, my name is @Vnisha and I am from Uttar Pradesh, India. My main area of contribution in Mozilla is Community Building, MLN, MLS, L10N.
  9. Hi My name is @istiaque Ahamed, and I am from Bangladesh, My main area of Contribution in Mozilla is webmaker
  10. My name is @lucyeoh and today I am a Berliner!Hi my name is Yofie from Jakarta, Indonesia.
  11. Hi, I am @hossainalikram from Dhaka, Bangladesh. My main contribution area in Mozilla is QA
  12. Hi I’m @rosana ! From Berlin
  13. Hi, I am Andre Garzia and I am from Niterói, Brasil. My main contribution area in Mozilla is Mozilla Clubs and Connected Devices (and one day uniing them both)
  14. Hi, my name is Guillermo Movia and my main contribution to Mozilla is localize web pages to Spanish Argentina (es-AR),
  15. BobChao from Taiwan. Main contribution: community building, l10nI’m
  16. Rara from Indonesia, currently hang around in the Berlin office :stuck_out_tongue: my main contribution is mostly in the Reps program, community development and events
  17. Anis from Dhaka, Bangladesh, my main contribution area in Mozilla is Coding, FSA, Advocacy
  18. Brian today from Berlin. My main contribution is to ensure the Participation team is having enough fun
  19. Nootan Ghimire, Kathmandu Nepal. Leading l10n in Nepal, Trying to contribute in coding… (I’m on AirMo)

Shout outs!

  • Yofie who is responsible for the beautiful new designs that will be coming out on the Take Back The Web website on Friday! +1+1+1
  • Daniele: for the amazing work in the working groups!!! +2+10000+1+1

Chair: Rara
Notetakers: Konstantina


TOPIC 1 - Reps Council/Peers/Participation joint meeting - Nuke

  • Final steps for the Reps NextRoad map for the program moving forward
  • Sunday is a joint day for Participation and Council for alignment
  • We will have meeting with Mozilla leadership

TOPIC 2 - Last Chance to Sign-Up for Take Back The Web Campaign!

  • Update - over 316 teams (over 1,115 individuals!), 185 coaches
  • Still room for more teams and coaches! Especially looking to everyone in Europe, South America! Review process for local coaches & teams
  • Question: Should teams and coaches not linked with educational institutions can apply?
  • This campaign runs on Campuses so the teams need to be in there, Coaches not necessarily
  • Are the resources localized?
  • For now we are in English, we are working on localizing the major languages that applied firstly and then the rest of the languages
  • We are already doing those things as part of Reps, FSA and Software Freedom Communities in University campuses, so what is difference? (sorry for asking after the call)
  • Relevant Links: http://takebacktheweb.mozilla.community/
  • You can also put your questions here - https://discourse.mozilla-community.org/t/faq-take-back-the-web/7726

TOPIC 3 - Quick CEL update - Rosana + Andre

  • The Community Experimentation Launchpad is in full motion, the first 3 canvas are in. Currently we’re designing a way to make the process as open and transparent as possible and to refine our criteria. We’ll keep you posted in the Reps calls.
  • We’re looking for methods and frameworks to make the process transparent and open while preserving safety and inclusivity (does that word exists?).
  • We’re reviewing the current submissions and will be iterating over them soon
  • We’d like to know more about your ideas and wishes for transparency in this process