Weekly Call 10-11-2016

Hey lovely Reps,

For today’s call please check the agenda and please add your own topics. Do not be shy, we know that you do amazing things!

AirMO video:

Weekly call details:


  • Open source participation survey on contributor incentives - Malvika
  • Subha - New South Asia Community Catalyzer
  • ROM for the month of October
  • Reps/Regional Updates
  • Featured Events
  • Council updates

And your topic! - feel free to add it on etherpad

PS: As always we encourage you to add some shout outs! We have amazing reps doing amazing work! Let’s send them some #mozlove!


Raw notes can be read here.

ADD YOUR NAME, your TWITTER Handle aaaaaaaaannd add the name of a fellow Mozillian that inspires you

  1. Amit Kumar Jaiswal. @ AMIT_GKP & I’m inspired from Vnisha Srivastav visions for our Mozilla Uttar Pradesh Community
  2. Dyvik @ dyvik100 and I’m inspired from whole community and not just a single person and I am most inspired from Konstantina for her activeness in the community.
  3. Konstantina, @ couci I am inspired from Ioana who is doing so many things and still manages to work for her day job and find time to sleep
  4. Francisco @ francjp, and I’m inspired from a lot of contributors, so can’t name only one :wink:
  5. Laka, @ lakatos88 and I’m inspired by Konstantina, because she’s doing a super good job lately.
  6. Malvika Rao and I am inspired by all of you!
  7. Irvin, @ irvinfly, BobChao for bring me into community
  8. Christos @ bacharakis hmm hard question, I would say Pierros because he was the reason I joined Mozilla as volunteer 4 years ago
  9. Vigneshwer @ dvigneshwer There are a lot of Mozillians who have inspired me ( few people @ Gauthamraj @J ulia )
  10. Rina @rinajensen
  11. Andre Garzia, @ soapdog, one mozillian that inspires me a lot is Rosana! Everytime I have a mozillian difficulty I think W.W.R.D (What Would Rosana Do) try to emulate. It makes me a better person.
  12. Nootan Ghimire, @NootanGhimire, in AirMo.
  13. Yuli @tuxxy
  14. Kiki, @kelimuttu, Romi Hardiyanto for inspire me to contribute to Mozilla
  15. Christophe, @hellosct1, the cake Firefox 12 year is good
  16. Zilmar, @ziww, Rachel McGuigan really inspires me, she knows a lot about Firefox and always has awesome solutions to every problem
  17. Alex Fuser, @alexfuser Jeff Beatty inspires me because he’s so committed with the localization of every Mozilla’s product and takes them over all the world’s languages.
  18. Abbackar diomande @abbackardiomand, Michal Dziewonski really inspires because he know how to find the just words to encourage to contribute and to be a leader and to participate actively in SUMO.

Shout outs!
Know some Reps who did an amazing work! Let’s share some #mozlove to them! ( they will be tweeted after the meeting)

  • #mozlove to Arturo who talked on a local tv show about privacy and security
  • huge #mozlove to Robby who did an excellent job on volunteering in Mozfest
  • shout out to Geraldo and Hossain for being the 2 Reps of the month congrats and #mozlove to both of you
  • #mozlove to Alex Fuser was supporting Mexico City club ending the annual planning and just scheduled more than 45 activities with partners and communities.
  • HAPPY B-DAY firefox!!!

TOPIC 1 - Open source participation survey on contributor incentives - Malvika

  • Help pre-test a survey on the benefits that participants get from open source – and what benefits the people who leave open source were looking for but didn’t find
  • The survey seeks to understand the incentives that drive people to reduce their involvement in open source. Existing research on open source focuses on the “wins” – i.e., understanding the motives of participants who invest time in open source. We would like to understand the “losses”, i.e., participants who leave open source and find rewards more suited to their needs in doing something else. What value or rewards are contributors seeking? How does value in open source compare to other options? Ultimately how can we improve participation incentives in open source to increase the value generated?
  • What about a “promoted tile” on Firefox Dev Edition? Most of those users have contact with FOSS and could be target for survey
  • My email ID is malvikar[at]gmail.com

TOPIC 2 - ROM - Reps of the Month - October 2016

TOPIC 3 - Subha - New South Asia Community Catalyzer <3 <3 <3

TOPIC 4 - Petty Cash - Kiki

  • What is petty cash?
  • Petty Cash is a budget bucket that can be used for those budget requests that weren’t submitted on time.
  • Is any petty cash request going to be approved? Is the review process the same (requirements)?
  • It’s a bit different. It should earn 2 positive comments from The Review Team.
  • Wiki page
  • Discourse topic

TOPIC 5 - Featured Future Events - Francisco

TOPIC 6 - Toolkit - Rina Jensen

  • URL: https://toolkit.mozilla.org/
  • +1 This is really awesome +1 awesome!
  • How we can create community around human center design in open source
  • GREAT! What kind of feedback you’re looking for?
  • Can it be localized?
  • we are waiting on localizing when the toolkit is more concrete

NON-VERBAL UPDATES (ie: you can’t attend but want to share something)