Weekly Call 28-07-2016


  • Thursday July 28th, 16:00 UTC


  • Check the agenda and please add your own topics as well if you have something to share with us.

AirMozilla video

Weekly call details:


  1. iOS update
  2. Mozilla Open Mic & 10kDays - Sierra and @ehull
  3. Events - @franc
  4. Council updates -
  5. Add your topic

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  1. Hi my name is @kapalawai_sandeep_sa and i am from India.My favorite sport team is Cricket.
  2. Hi my name is Laka, and I am in London. My favorite sport is thinking about K
  3. Hi my name is Irvin , and I’m from Taipei
  4. Hey, my name is SIerra, and I am from San Francisco. My favorite sport is baseball and sports team is the Oakland A’s.
  5. Hi, my name is @gapson and I am from S love nia. I don’t have any special sport team :slight_smile:
  6. Hi my name is Christos and i am from Greece. My favorite sport is Basketball!
  7. Hi my name is @HarshaBandaru and i am Hyderabad, India . My Fav Sport is Badminton
  8. Hi my name is Francisco and I’m from Madrid. My favorite sport is Roller Hockey, or Ice Hockey… or Hockey in general
  9. Hola, my name is Ruben from Spain. My favorite sport is Starcraft
  10. Hi my name is Adriano and I am from Brazil. My favorite sport is football.
  11. Hi, my name is @giannisk and I am from Greece. My favorite sport is paintball (yeap, that’s a sport!)
  12. Hi , my name is @ABBACKAR_DIOMANDE , and i am from Ivory Cost .My fovorite sport is Football and sports team is Chelsea FC
  13. Hi my name is Dyvik and I am from India.

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TOPIC 1 - iOS update

Late last year we made a bold statement: we would bring Firefox to the iOS world. Because we believe a stronger Firefox supports a stronger web. Today we launched an update to Firefox for iOS and I’m proud because it embodies what we stand for. We’re giving users greater choice and flexibility: values that are core to us because they put users in control.

Specifically, today’s release allows users to:

  • Search flexibly. Any iOS user can now add almost any searchable site to their list of search engines. Really. If you’re obsessively following the Tour de France, you can now just add VeloNews search by tapping the search field and tapping the magnifying glass that appears over the keyboard.
  • Navigate freely. A brand new menu on the toolbar allows for easier navigation and quick access to frequently used features, from adding a bookmark to finding text in page.
  • Use tabs better. Browser tabs on mobile devices have traditionally been hard to see, manage and navigate. Tabs often disappear with a tap. In today’s upgraded Firefox for iOS, users can easily recover all closed tabs. Set your own home page. One of our most requested features is live! Users can get to their favorite web page fast by setting it as your homepage and it will open when you tap the home button.
  • Last but not least, this release has huge improvements in CPU and memory utilization, thanks to some impressive work by intern Tyler Lacroix.


  • Install the app
  • Share the news within the communities and with the community’s accounts


TOPIC 2 - Mozilla Open Mic & 10kDays - Sierra

Let’s celebrate 10k Days of the Web together! To get people excited, we also just launched this Thunderclap to get as many people as possible — hopefully 10,000 — to tweet on the 28th!

TOPIC 3 - Events ( Francisco)

Other related things:

TOPIC 5 - Council updates

  • Design team working to provide a nice graph to explain RepsNext
  • New mentors are being on boarded and trained
  • Activity campaign sync with Reps as soon as the campaign is live (following days)
  • Announcement on Regional Coaches coming soon.

Go Mozilla! #MozLove :grin:

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Thank you @Ioana for sharing :slight_smile:

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#MozLove :firefox: