Weekly TTS meetings

We’ve been running weekly TTS meeting for a while. I think it is also better to publicize it here to have better community involvement.

If you like to join, it is better to write your topic to the bottom of this in advance with an estimated time and your name. Then, we’ll go over them at the meeting.

To join the meeting you can follow the zoom link here. It happens every Monday 4:30 – 5:30pm CEST


Wow, meeting notes list so many interesting topics that were discussed. I wish there were longer notes available.

I see someone is working with ONNX conversion. How well does it work? I thought it wasn’t possible to convert dynamic graphs to ONNX - what’s the workaround for TTS?

What’s the conclusion for “LibTorch based inference on TTS”? Does it work? What are the difficulties?

I see a discussion about GST concatenation vs attention. Any conclusions from that?

Unfortunately meeting time doesn’t work for me, otherwise sounds interesting.

All these are in progress. We had a initial success to convert the model to ONNX and LibTorch so far. But more is waiting.