Weekly Update # 6 - Sept 5, 2019


This is the sixth update for the Community Portal, please follow along with the development using this link. We would all love to hear your thoughts and feedback! It has been updated to show the wonderful pages that are being designed, incorporating colours to make the portal more cohesive and visually appealing!

We have pages on searching for, viewing and creating events. An event can be hosted and be part of a group, be an individual member (with no group affiliation) and as a part of an existing campaign.

We have created pages on searching for groups, creating a group and viewing groups (with sub pages for 1. About Us 2. Our Events 3. Our Members)

Input & Feedback Request
Is there a specific order in which you would like the information on an group page displayed?

The information sections are:

  • Group picture
  • Group description
  • Announcements
  • Join group tab (with social media links)
  • Group summary (activities in the month & number of members)
  • Location (geotagged) & meeting details
  • Admin information
  • Group tags

Thank you