Weekly Update # 7 - Sept 12, 2019


Sorry this one is late! This is the seventh update for the Community Portal, please follow along with the development using this link . We would all love to hear your thoughts and feedback!

This week the Playground Team are focusing on building integrations with Discourse and Auth0 (login) to create a seamless experience for contributors as they move between Mozilla properties.

We have a template for activities in the works. Check the figma link to see the responsive view.

Input & Feedback Request

What information should be on evergreen activity pages? i.e. what info would help new people decide whether to donate their voice to Common Voice, contribute to SUMO or code for Firefox?

Social Media & Sharing - where (if anywhere) would you like to see social media “share” buttons?

Should group pages display “next meeting” or “next event”?

Thank you,


I think that this should include

  1. an understanding of what the task is,
  2. how it adds value to Mozilla,
  3. what is involved in the task
  4. what skills and software is required
  5. what are the good things (what will people learn)
  6. what are the bad things (better to be upfront about this)

There should also be some stats and numbers to help people understand the size of the team/task - preferably live and updatable easily to stop content from getting old. Some people may want to be part of a big established group, but other people may prefer a smaller team (for example).

Near to the links to “find out more” or to sign up for the task. Keeping links in the same neighbourhood on the page may be a better UX.

Possibly not by default. There is a very real risk of no meetings being planned and the field looking empty so either the community looks dead (because the nature of the task means there are no meetings) or forgotten (because no meetings have been planned in a long time).

…but if there are regularly scheduled meetings (such as for SUMO, ReMo and AMO (and I am sure others)), these are an opportunity for people to join in, meet people and learn more live and in realtime.