Weekly Update #16 - December 11th , 2019


The Internal QA phase is almost over and we’re gearing up to launch the portal to more community members!

Feedback: We have some copy below and would love your input on the language.

  • Do you feel it’s exciting, easy to understand and inviting?
  • Are there any changes you would like to see reflected in the language?

Community Portal Copy

Welcome to the new Community Portal

Help make the web more open and accessible to all. Learn, collaborate, and share your skills by joining the Mozilla community. Meet thousands of people just as excited as you about building a better Internet!

Active Campaigns

Campaigns are how we come together to solve big problems. Take a look at our active campaigns and join in!

Past Campaigns

Ever wondered who (insert past campaign) or (insert somewhat more recent campaign)? In our 20 year history, the Mozilla community has accomplished a lot. Take a look at our past campaigns.


Activities are ongoing projects that always need new minds and new talent to move forward. These activities could use your help right away.


Meet up with people who share your passion and join the movement for an open internet. Look for local groups in your area, or create your own.


Ready to join the movement? Check out what’s happening soon in your area. Explore community events near you, or organize your own!


Mozilla is a global community of technologists, educators, activists, researchers, learners, and young people dedicated to coming together to create a better, healthier internet.

Meet and join our global community!

Set up your profile

Ready to make it official? Set up a profile to contact our members, join groups and manage your subscription settings.

Edit your profile

This section of your profile includes some optional personal information and lets you manage your privacy settings.