Weekly Update # 2- Aug 8th, 2019

Hello Everyone,

This is the second update about the Community Portal which has started to be developed. In addition to this very fancy new discourse category you can now also follow along in the brand-new Github repo.

Updates on the portal
The playground team is making great strides is coming up wih wireframes for the portal.

Homepage with key information

Member Profile including an optional picture, bio, groups they’re a member of, contributions (events and campaigns), other misc. information.

Input & Feedback Requests:

  • Is there any additional information you would want displayed on your profile that is currently missing?

Community Calls & questions we addressed
We held a special call in lieu of the weekly reps call, staff from the Community Development Team and representatives from Playground were present in the call to answer questions from community members. Please find the key discussion points transcribed below

  • Will they get access to insights about event registrations, send emails and contact members through this? You can see how many people RSVP
  • I would love if I/my community could be reminded about birthdays of it’s members, always a great way to celebrate the people around you! Yes if legal allows it
  • Why do we need a third party? Can’t we develop the portal ourselves? We don’t have enough developers in the OI team. They are mostly working on IAM (mozilians) and SUMO. As this is a priority we decided to hire a third party agency.
  • Once the portal is done, what happens to the Mozillians Directory and the Reps Portal? Mozillians is getting a reboot as part of IAM, it turns into a people’s directory. Goal is the portal will pull profiles from Mozilians. Working to move the reps portal functionality into the community portal so there is no duplication.
  • To the Playground Team: Are you planning to host individual blogs for each profile within the portal? For Contributions. A blog that is writen as a detailed account for a contribution made by the member/Mozillian?
    No plans at this stage to include it however we can link it to discourse!
  • About the development: Can mozillians contribute to the repo?
    We are using wordpress for some things like buddypress, new templates and things will be on Github. At this time we are on the design process so it isn’t as easy to have people give input but as we move forward we would love to find ways and processes that gives transparency and community involvement
  • What if the Reps/Community Leader in the particular pilot group is inactive for some reason? Participating in the pilot.* We need the pilot group contact to be active, and will ask for a replacement otherwise the group can’t take part in the pilot.*
  • Can a person on Mozillians right now opt out of the new portal and stay in people.mozilla.org? You’ll have you add yourself manually (nobody will automatically added from Mozillian) but in the future you’ll be able to bring in your profile info!
  • Will there be a SSO for the portal? Yes we’re. Looking into how we integrate it in, still figuring it out. Will connect with Mozilla’s SSO.
  • Will the profile on the portal have a label if the person is a Rep, or a Mentor, or anything else? We will (etc reps will be in the reps group)
  • Will the portal contain open forums? Leverage discourse - discourse.mozilla.org
  • What is the playground team most interested in understanding/getting out of with the community engagement Learning new ideas e.g. blogs, validate thoughts/direction
  • Unique and don’t always have such direct access/feedback
  • What types of reporting and contributions? For reps the reporting will remain the same. For activites/events it will have tags e.g. coding, testing, support. focused on contributions to Mozilla but you can add other things in your blogs (discourse) or bios: For events: should be relevant to Mozilla (similar to what exists now) e.g. teaching code is okay,
  • What is the backend for new portal? We’re using wordpress (open source), looking to integrate with the platform buddypress (to build social networking element) + event management. https://buddypress.org/ PHP mySQL



It would be useful to see what core teams people are part of (such as SUMO, L10n, AMO etc), possibly with a little team icon listed near to “skills/interests”. Not only would this be good for people to be able to demonstrate a skill set based on the team they may be part of, but also for people to be able to see where people are coming from to be involved in various activities.

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Recording from the video can be found here

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Hey Seburo,
we will actually have tags (that can be used for people, groups, events, campaigns) to indicate people’s interests, here is the list:

  • Localization (L10N)
  • User Support (SUMO)
  • Testing
  • Common Voice
  • Coding
  • Design
  • Advocacy
  • Documentation
  • Evangelism
  • Marketing

Also people will be able to form groups with the same interests so they know who else is active in their community and organize meetings.


Awesome, thank you for letting me know.