Welcome to Mozilla Discourse! – image yalam.co.uk/i/3a2211d7.png 403 forbidden

From the welcome message:

… To do this, go to the category page and click the rightmost button. You will then have the option to watch, track or mute the category.


– there’s a broken image placeholder for https://yalam.co.uk/i/3a2211d7.png, which is:

403 Forbidden


Sorry, I didn’t realise that Bugzilla can/should be used for meta issues such as this.

We now have Mozilla bug 1366586 - Welcome to Mozilla Discourse! – image yalam.co.uk/i/3a2211d7.png 403 forbidden

I’ll flag this topic for closure/archiving/deletion.

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Thanks for the report. Don’t worry about the issue tracker confusion, we have issues almost everywhere you can think of currently.

I’ve solved the immediate problem by updating the text to be more like the text used upstream, it now reads:

For a few quick tips on getting started as a new user, check out this blog post.

If you want to make your experience as much like a mailing list as possible, we’ve got some steps you can follow.

As you participate here, we’ll get to know you, and temporary new user limitations will be lifted. Over time you’ll gain trust levels that include special abilities to help us manage our community together.

Closing this to continue the discussion about further improvements to this welcome PM here:


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