I’m excited about Language Exchange and think it could really take off. Here’s hoping the English room goes well.

Just ONE person here? Well, Kensie, I’m hoping this takes off as well. it would be surely nice to have more people involved in what should be a really important section here, but apparently it isn’t.

I’m from Brazil, but I’m self taught on English since five years old and came close to Majoring in it, but nah, the university was simply too poor concerning the subject matter (never needed to even attend classes cos’ I knew MORE than the teachers and they just told me to show up for the exams and I’d always get a perfect grade! How can you NOT get bored?).

Eventually, I just did the TOEFL without studying anything (well, I did give private classes using the Cambridge method, so in a way I studied - how else would I give classes out of the blue using a method I’ve never read? :smile: ) and as expected, got a perfect score. I’d like to find people in need of having stuff translated to Portuguese here, or vice-versa, so we could get further on with this. But hey, that’s me.

Oh, by the way, pleased to meet you, I’m Willie. :smile:


Great to meet you! I have had some other people asking me about getting this project going, so I should reach out to them again and get started.