What does the Reps program mean for you?

Hi Reps,

One of the objectives of 2021 H2 OKRs of Rep program is,

Activate local communities to support the growth of Mozilla, both through activities and events, and “spreading the word” about Mozilla mission, activities, and products.

One of the key results is,

At least 10 Reps tell us that they understand what to do as part of the Reps Program and how these activities contribute to the Mozilla Mission.

Therefore, we would like to know what does the program mean to you , and what can be done to serve your needs

  1. Please choose up to 3 topics that you feel it is right.
  2. add a reply on your general thought, any concerns, etc

I am a member of the Reps program in order to :

  • Have easy access to resources of Mozilla (swag, money)
  • Have the latest information about the direction of Mozilla
  • Get a better status in the community
  • Be recognized by (potential) users of Mozilla’s products as a more trusted source
  • Build a community and get support to do so
  • Support the community in starting new events
  • Promote Mozilla
  • Be the leader of a community
  • I don’t know anymore
  • Have nice t-shirts
  • Grow my leadership skills
  • None of the above (add an answer in the comments)

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I want from the Reps program:

  • Support in planning events
  • Training programs ( if you have a idea, please add it in the comments )
  • Suggestions for campaigns
  • More resources for my communit
  • Easy access to information from Mozilla
  • None of the above (add an answer in the comments)

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Thanks for participating.

On behave of the council,

Tim Maks



I think that the polls are missing :

  • The list of active projects at Mozilla (Addon, QA, Testing, Hubs, security…)
  • To be able to report these activities or contributions easily


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Hi Tim

Thanks for working on this. The second poll requires 3 votes, while it has 6 options. Might be worth considering lowering this to get better data.

I would have voted for that as well, though maybe a slightly different angle on it: for me it’s not only about easy reporting (we have the Google sheet in theory…), but mostly about actually showing what Reps are doing. Sure, we have the events, but 80% of my reports or so would not be related to events. For now I honestly do not feel like even filling out the report from, as I do not see the benefit if it is not easily accessible for others to see. I really miss that aspect of the Reps Portal.

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That also crossed my mind but i did not changed it and now it is not possible anymore without discarding the 3 votes all ready made .

Yes, l completely agree with Christophe!!!

Locally the Reps should be able to receive easier assistance, guide and more support to move and start local activities based on their own region needs what is relevant in the Netherlands may not be a need in Bolivia or Kuwait, We the Reps need more personalized help to test and measure our “local” needs and move toward those objectives too. Global projects are fine too, but if we want strong local communities and movements we need to support small ideas and cover small needs too, even in the small towns on the Andes, the villages in Asia and the small cities across the Amazon jungle. As a Rep I have the feeling that sometimes we are too focused into what is happening from the global perspective, but we keep forgetting the children, the adults with little computers’ knowledge, the single mothers sitting at home in need of IT Education, who are the real collateral victims of globalization. As Rep there is where I want to focus, but I have seen little support so far in recent years for this kind of initiatives, If you feel like me or want to join forces, let’s do this or let me know.


Adding to support from Reps program, for me, this program means chances to let global Mozilla Community know some of activities of Japanese community.
Currently this is being done through community portal, registering our event to Event page.
So I’m glad hearing about recent activity ‘month of MDN’ this November that connectable from our event notice.

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This is a really good poll, thank you for raising it.

The additional points I would add to either are “help with supporting community” and “growing awareness of the community in Mozilla”.